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  1. World of Warcraft Classic Discussion Megathread
  2. [Classic] 2-Boxing Rogue + X(Tank?) Feasible ?
  3. [Classic] Good farming team?
  4. [Classic] Professions comp
  5. [Classic] How do you manage different races at startup?
  6. [Classic] Hard Personal Goals?
  7. [Classic] Profession choice
  8. [Classic] End-game boxing?
  9. [Classic] PVP like retail (ie no follow?)
  10. [Classic] Boxing guild?
  11. Items/ Objects that you can Interact with
  12. Alterac Valley in Classic (Blue Post)
  13. Came to boxing in BC with Pally and 4x Shaman...
  14. How would we multibox Vanilla if follow is removed?
  15. Group comps and leveling
  16. Vanilla group farming spots
  17. Duo Leveling Class Comps
  18. Boxing at launch
  19. What do you want to know from Beta?
  20. Paladin + 4 priests
  21. Classic PvP Content Breakdown
  22. Fun teams for WPVP during phase 2?
  23. Classic/vanilla comp for leveling, grinding, dungeon
  24. 4 pallys 1 druid
  25. Powerlevelling / boosting at level 60 in Classic
  26. Leveling Speed Multiboxing
  27. Classic thought on follow/pvp realm
  28. How to practice boxing in classic for classic
  29. 5 Enhancement Shamans
  30. "Only one faction per realm on PvP realms" and other just announced limits
  31. Classic Launches August 26th/27th!
  32. Rogue/Druid Two-Boxing
  33. Reputation Gains when Leveling in Dungeons
  34. Group xp bonus
  35. 5 Team
  36. [ISBoxer] isboxer/innerspace game profile and other settings for classic beta ?
  37. Wow Classic - beta stress test report - follow in pvp / iwt work!
  38. EMA: Ebony's MultiBoxing Assistant Classic Edition
  39. 4 mages, all fire, all frost, or a mix?
  40. torn between 2 group comp ideas help!!
  41. [ISBoxer] Wow Classic Concerns (Beta Stress Test)
  42. Silly 5-mans for dungeons/grinding
  43. 1 druid tank, 1 druid heal and 3 rogue ? Viable for dungeon and wpvp ?
  44. Quests : It's gonna be a living hell, can we work that out ?
  45. 2-5 Priests
  46. My current (speculated / test) team for when classic wow comes out.
  47. Tips and tricks for multi-boxer leveling
  48. Totem Stacking - Can anyone confirm in beta?
  49. Can resto shammies take a hit?
  50. Rank healer options for Healer+4 Warlock team for PVE & PVP
  51. An issue with multi-classing in classic
  52. Pally, Warlock, Mage 3man leveling comp suggestions
  53. Torn between 2 teams
  54. interact with target question!
  55. [ISBoxer] Realistic timeframe for 1-60 for a 5 man team?
  56. Viable 5 man melee setups for PvP
  57. boxing and classic and avoir to lose the progress (ban)
  58. What's a good combo with Warrior for dual boxing?
  59. Recommended progression 1-60 via Instances for 5 boxing?
  60. Heal/Tank Paladin for 4 Caster Groups
  61. Classic Stress Test - June 19-21 - NA/Oceania Only
  62. Warrior or Druid tank for my 5 man instance team
  63. Shadow priest over other caster
  64. 5 man multibox team team vs 2 separate smaller teams
  65. Number of regular servers vs pvp
  66. List of Classic WoW Multibox Teams
  67. @Mirai
  68. Boxing with hunters
  69. Stealth detection
  70. Stress test findings so far
  71. Looking at Duo or Tripleboxing. Comp ideas and logic. Anyone with exp care to help?
  72. Questions concerning shamans etc
  73. Easiest Follower Class (Keyclone)
  74. IWT in Classic ?
  75. Classic mixed team: Three questions.
  76. Nasty Dungeon Mechanics
  77. Comparison of squads for 5 man dungeons
  78. 2x pallies vs 2x shammies in 3x warrior team
  79. 40 man team... for the giggles
  80. Any tips to play mixed casters effectively?
  81. [WOW Classic] How can I display both herbs and ore at the same time?
  82. Name reservations in August before launch
  83. 5 man dungeon leveling: Are professions viable?
  84. Transitioning casual multibox characters for classic solo play and playing with friends
  85. [ISBoxer] MultiBoxing on next stress test
  86. Classic quest chains
  87. Best 5man combo to farm gold at level 60
  88. [Horde] Army of level 35 alts for mass afk cashola
  89. Tips on dps setup for my team
  90. How many keybinds do you have?
  91. Looking for class input
  92. 5 Chars Dungeon Powerleveling Multibox
  93. Gearing after preraid bis?
  94. Farming raid trash
  95. Discussion: 3 mage+tank+healer teams
  96. Looking for a little advice - 10x Boxxing Classic - wPvP End Game
  97. Need advise on best spec
  98. Newbie here, some questions about functions and usability.
  99. PSA: Low Effort Posts & Private Servers
  100. Best 5 man comps with a hunter?
  101. How to deal with Hunter dead zone in a mixed group?
  102. Getting Classic Multibox Ready?
  103. [ISBoxer] IWT mixed groups are fun
  104. Best pure "gold farming" comp/content?
  105. Looking for a beginner friendly basic comp.
  106. Readycheck for all Horde EU Multiboxers!
  107. [Horde] NA PvP server - Multiboxing guild
  108. EU Alliance - I think we should coordinate server choice
  109. Pre-Launch Stress Test & Minimum Specs Announced
  110. Multiboxing advices
  111. What rig would you build to handle this many accounts?
  112. Best 3-Man Group for Farming/Dungeon/Group Quests?
  113. 5 man comp for classic
  114. 2Boxing - Warrior + (Enhc Shaman -OR- Priest) Discussion
  115. Rogues in mixed group
  116. 1 paladin + 4 priest team
  117. How do you deal with all the hatred towards multiboxers?
  118. [Multibox] 2 Paladins 3 Mages
  119. US servers list for classic is out!
  120. Spellcleave or melee cleave? for levelling and gearing mains
  121. [Alliance] Americas Alliance Server - PVP
  122. 3 mages or 2 mages 1 priest for dps team
  123. Alliance Warrior Race choice with dedicated Paladin Healer(s)
  124. WoW Classic Stress Testing Highlights package
  125. All stealth 5 man team
  126. WoW Voice Proxy Problems
  127. Vuhdo / order of character in healing addon
  128. EU - Anyone going Zandalar Tribe RP-PVP server
  129. [Alliance] looking for written guide on Party buffs
  130. How will you level 1 to 14 or so before dungeons
  131. [ISBoxer] Newish Boxer, My Plan and Questions, Looking for Opinions/Explanations
  132. Warrior + Shaman
  133. [Multibox] WoW Classic stress test Ragefire Chasm (RFC) Full run part 1
  134. 5 accounts vs 6
  135. FedEx leveling 1-14
  136. 5 shaman leveling in instances
  137. Triple Boxing
  138. Blizzard list of things in Classic that are Not A Bug(tm)
  139. Whitemane US PVP PST - Alliance: server/faction thread (guilds, etc...)
  140. Fairbanks US PVP PST - Horde: server faction thread (guilds etc)
  141. Tank, healer team
  142. New to Multiboxing - Mage vs. Warlock Trio
  143. Who's joining a PVE server?
  144. WoW Classic RFC Full run part 2 with Q&A from various sources
  145. slave healer player targeting
  146. WoW Classic Clique Healing Tutorial Video
  147. Question for 5 boxers about round robin casting
  148. Raiding up to end game raiding
  149. WoW Interact with Target and VideoFX quick guide videos
  150. Level Difference Impact
  151. Grouping a 5 man team with different races
  152. 4x Engineering
  153. Comp and driver
  154. Player Caps for Classic WoW Dungeons
  155. [ISBoxer] Can't set up Classic through ISboxer
  156. 1 Warrior + 4 Elem/Resto Shaman
  157. Question about mage AOE specs for dungeon farming
  158. [Horde] Horde Multiboxer friendly Guide, 1-15, Orc/Troll start
  159. Level individually or as a group before first dungeon?
  160. How to loot skin efficiently?
  161. Sheep / Crowd Control In Classic
  162. WOW classic dual/multiboxing
  163. [Alliance] alliance leveling guide 1-60
  164. Multi-tapping ore nodes
  165. 4 Tank Pets
  166. Best 5 man comp for endgame BiS gearing
  167. Addons when Multiboxing discussion
  168. New MiRai video go watch it !!
  169. World of Warcraft: Classic - NA/EU/OC Server Demographics
  170. [Alliance] Blaumeux US PVP PST - Alliance: server/faction thread (guilds, etc...)
  171. FTL in Classic / Setting up now and use when it goes live
  172. Is my 5-man Comp Crazy?
  173. most efficient leveling
  174. [ISBoxer] Direct copy of ISBoxer settings from a private server to official Classic Wow
  175. LFG addon being banned and blizzard restricting what the API's can do will this effect EMA
  176. Will /follow focus work in Classic?
  177. Classic Macros\Rotations
  178. Least valuable Gathering profession INSIDE Dungeons?
  179. 3-Boxing: Priest/Warrior/Mage or Priest/Mage/Warlock?
  180. [Alliance] warri - 3 ret - holy pala vs warri - 3 rogues - holy pala
  181. Warlock Summon/Hearth Question
  182. Problems with Multibox leveling 1-60 in dungeons(reputation)
  183. How many mages
  184. "Interact with target" question
  185. Any legit ways to stay logged in if you have to go AFK for a bit?
  186. Slot Swap Macro Question for Classic
  187. fastest Leveling Multibox 5man teams
  188. now can create 10 characters per realm per account (& new realms added)
  189. Maybe in a week
  190. [Horde] Looking for multiboxing community on Stalagg [Horde]
  191. Lf Horde Multiboxers(Stonespine)
  192. Put 2nd+ Team(s) in Inns now to start accruing bonus rested XP
  193. Wondering If multiboxing is even worth it at this point.
  194. Assist not working for anyone else on classic?
  195. Addon recommendation for Classic?
  196. [Horde] Don't want to deal with the queues? Roll on Sulfuras!
  197. How's Everyone Progressing so Far and What's Your Group Comp?
  198. What are you 5+ boxers doing to level-up?
  199. Pet Classes
  200. [ISBoxer] Unable right click items in bag (can't disencahnt or quick sell)
  201. Ask people to que for named mobs!
  202. Total dual-boxing newb. Advice to set up needed please :)
  203. How to heal with spell ranking using vuhdo or other addon
  204. XP data for sizes 1-8
  205. Hyperspawns in classic!?! Potential gold/xp farm (video included)
  206. Pally + Mage or Pally + Warlock
  207. Melee cleave teams - how are you doing?
  208. Starting a 10-box team. How to level?
  209. [Alliance] Has anyone started a guild on Pyrewood?
  210. Managing a Healer in 5man group
  211. Deadmines full run video with commentary
  212. Entire SM Graveyard crypt in 1 pull
  213. Boosting An Alt In Classic
  214. [ISBoxer] 5 Priest Team
  215. [Alliance] Wpvp 5men team
  216. What an emotional rollercoaster
  217. Tank and Heal
  218. Examples of Classic Wow Macros
  219. Instance reset method.
  220. Named mob tagging
  221. Looting help please
  222. [Alliance] 5 Man Caster Comp
  223. Server Transfers
  224. 5 man team question
  225. New guy here need help
  226. [ISBoxer] 5-Box leveling speed
  227. Shooting Myself in the Foot if I Don't Make a Tank?
  228. Casting Channeled spells?
  229. 5 man teams: How long in each dungeon?
  230. Looking for a 4th
  231. RFK Circle - 4 minute clear (2.5k XP) - Warrior,Priest, 2x Mage, Warlock
  232. Dual boxing partner for warrior for easy leveling?
  233. RFK - Eye of Killrog Big Pull - Warrior, Priest, 2x mage, Warlock
  234. [ISBoxer] How difficult would it be to setup a warrior/paladin combo?
  235. 5 ORC Shamans or 1 Priest 4 Warlocks
  236. Question for setup!
  237. How do i boost two new toons?
  238. SM Graveyard - First Room - Full pull with Boss - Eye of Killrog
  239. Team Awesome Multiboxing - Ragefire Chasm
  240. Is boxing with a friend feasible?
  241. NA Whitemane Horde - Hellfire Regiment
  242. Need leveling help! how to make it efficient with my set up
  243. Horde guild [Overkill] is recruiting on the Zandalar Tribe server
  244. SM Library - Warrior, Priest, 2x Mage, Warlock - 45k XP/Hour
  245. Need tips on actual in instance mechanics/pulling strategies
  246. SWWWW vs PWWWW vs PPWWW for Strath Live farming?
  247. Layering is causing major issues...
  248. Sheeping in Dungeons with Multiple Mages
  249. SM Armory - Warrior, Priest, 2x Mage, Warlock - 55k XP/Hour - Eye Pulls
  250. 3 n00b questions