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    Cool Jamba Information Index

    Getting Started

    Current Jamba Release

    Old Jamba Releases

    Jamba Tips

    Make Advanced Loot play a sound when triggered

    Jamba Doc Threads

    Jamba Advanced Loot help

    Jamba Macro help

    Jamba Target help

    Jamba Target design

    Sounds configured for Jamba Proc

    Jafula's Threads to Follow Up List

    Cross Realm Support Discussion

    How about a proc library (or make proc better)

    Want custom message to my main account when someone is either standing in something or is being targeted by lazors/bombs.

    Need FTL helper guide

    Wants achievement tracking

    Cross realm info

    Document the need to auto-track quests in WoW for Jamba Quest Watcher to work!

    Have I missed anything from this thread?
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