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    Cool [Addon] Jamba - An assistant for multiboxers. Version 5.1.1 release thread.

    Jamba Version: 5.1.1
    WoW Game Version: 5.1.0
    Release Date: 3rd December 2012
    Modules: AdvancedLoot, Core, Display-Team, Follow, FTL, ItemUse, Macro, Proc, Purchase, Quest, Sell, Talk, Target, Taxi, Toon, Trade

    * Updated Jamba version to reflect WoW patch version.
    * New slash command /jamba resetsettingsframe that will move the Jamba Settings window frame to the top left corner of the screen and resize it appropriately.

    * Added Jamba-AdvancedLoot from schilm (Max Schilling).

    Toon: Currency
    * Added new currency Lesser Charms of Good Fortune.

    * Captured new GROUP_JOINED event which might help with the auto change loot method problems.

    Download from


    Edit: Minor update 5.1.2

    Jamba Version: 5.1.2
    WoW Game Version: 5.1.0
    Release Date: 15th February 2013
    Modules: AdvancedLoot, Core, Display-Team, Follow, FTL, ItemUse, Macro, Proc, Purchase, Quest, Sell, Talk, Target, Taxi, Toon, Trade

    * New slash command /jamba-item-use clear to remove all items from the current characters item bar.
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    Jamba - Jafula's Awesome Multi Boxer Assistant. An addon for YOU.

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    Thanks man. Your willingness to keep this updated is amazing.

    i7-920 / 12GB/ 280m / 1920x1200 / 80 gig X25-M / 5 boxing; works just fine

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    Thanks man. I love this.


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    Thanks for the update!
    Now the bad news. Updated to 5.1.1
    Tested the loot type change on group creation and it is a nogo. Changing master to get correct loot type still works.
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    Cookies in the mail!!!

    Thanks for all the work Jafula. Keep up the great work.



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    I think we should all remember to give a little this time off year. by giving Jafula a donation for cookies.

    He works hard on this addon and even a small donation will give him the push to keep making this the best addon out there for us the dual-boxing community and there is a link on the page

    Without this addon i would be lost i sure many feel the same way

    PS: I have Send few $ for cookies my self! (i have done this a few times already!)
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    Well deserved!
    Donated as well

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    Hello Jafula. First of all, congratulations for your add on. I am using it since a long time and i never say it before. Fixed now ^^

    But i have a problem since 5.1. Each time i am using a spell my game is freezing for few seconds. Never done it before. I have made many tests and it appears that "item use" is causing it. Works fine without it. Any ideas to help me? I love "item use". Thanks.

    PS: I am really sorry for my englishbut it is not my language and i am not good with.

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    I came back to multi-box wow again for a while now that the next generation is old enough to play, and see you are still at it. Thanks ! Do you prefer donations via the curse link, or to your web site directly? ( )
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    dude you have no idea how awesome you are, this addon is one of like 3 that i use. i've given cookies before, and will again, you deserve it!!

    Keep up the awesome work!!

    Magtheridon US <The Zerg>
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