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    Default Jamba - Getting Started

    This thread is a tutorial and for FAQs ONLY. I do not have anything at all to do with Jamba other than being a user. Please post bugs and other issues in Jafula's Jamba thread. He's the creator of Jamba and much more equipped to troubleshoot problems.

    Sticky: [WoW] [Addon] Jamba - An assistant for multiboxers.

    Jamba FAQ

    What is Jamba?

    • Jamba is an addon designed specifically with Multiboxers in mind. It includes many tools that multiboxers will find indispensable when it comes to ease of interaction between your entire team.
    • Jamba is not a key broadcaster. While it does communicate between multiple toons, you will still need a broadcasting option.

    How do I install Jamba?
    • The latest version of Jamba can always be found here. The addon's author, Jafula, is frequently active on when it comes to questions.

    • To install Jamba, download the latest version and unzip it to your Addons folder in your World of Warcraft Directory. The path should look something like this C:\World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns NOT C:\World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\Jamba

    Once it is unzipped, your Addons folder should have several Jamba folders. As of this writing {Jamba-release-5.1.1}, the default folders should be :

    • Jamba
    • Jamba-AdvancedLoot
    • Jamba-DisplayTeam
    • Jamba-Follow
    • Jamba-FTL
    • Jamba-ItemUse
    • Jamba-Macro
    • Jamba-Proc
    • Jamba-Purchase
    • Jamba-Quest
    • Jamba-QuestWatcher
    • Jamba-Sell
    • Jamba-Talk
    • Jamba-Target
    • Jamba-Taxi
    • Jamba-Toon
    • Jamba-Trade

    I don't want/need to use all this stuff. How do I turn the stuff I don't want off?
    • When you log into WoW, you can disable whatever you don't want to use through the Addons button in the bottom lefthand corner of the Character Selection Screen.

    Ack, OMG! There's stuff all over the middle of my screen!
    • These would be your Proc, Party and Item bars. To move the Party and Item bars, hold ALT then use your mouse to drag them to where you want them to display.
    • For Jamba Proc, you must go into the options, turn on Test Bars, THEN you can use Alt+Drag.
    • The Jamba Quest Tracker also requires a toggle to be able to move it. It is under the Quest Watcher Options. Unlock the watcher, then ALT + Drag

    No! I want to turn it off!
    • In your chat box enter /jamba.
    • Click the + next to Jamba in the GUI to expand the tree.
    • To remove the Party display, go to "Display: Team"
    • Uncheck "Show Team List"
    • To remove the Item Bar, go to "Item Use"
    • Uncheck Show Item Bar

    Nevermind, those things are really cool, they're just too big/small.
    • You can change the appearance of these bars under "Display: Team" and "Item Use" respectively.

    Now what?
    • The first thing you will want to do is set up your team or group.
    • Invite all of your toons to a party.
    • On every toon enter "/jamba-team addparty" in your chat box.
    • On every toon enter "/jamba-team" in your chat box.
    • You should now have the Jamba "Core: Team" window open. It should now show your whole party in the Team List.

    What's this "Master Slave" stuff? Everyone says that they are the Master and everyone else is a Slave.
    • You will need to pick your main toon. This is the toon that you are focusing on as you play.
    • In the chat box on your main enter "/jamba-team master <name> all", where <name> is the name of your main toon.
    • All of your toons should now show your main as the master and everyone else as a slave.
    • Congratulations, your team is set up, you can now make all the changes you want to Jamba from your main toon and "push" them to the rest of your team.

    What do you mean "push"?
    • Whenever you make a change in your Jamba settings on your main, you can use the "Push Settings" button in each section of Jamba to force your slaves to copy them from your master. This means you only ever have to make changes on your main, your slaves will automatically update their settings to match your master's settings whenever you click that button.

    • There are 2 places to find the Push buttons. The first is on the Jamba main window. Sending the command from this button will update all of your settings. The second is on each individual subsection of the Jamba GUI. Sending the command from this button will only update that single area.
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    Jamba Subsections

    Core: Profiles

    This section allows you to set different profiles for different teams. This comes in very handy for people who use multiple teams or run Jamba while soloing. For example, your main team may be 80 and be set up to auto purchase things like Sweet Potato Bread and Honeymint Tea from Innkeepers. If you have a lower level team that you also play, you won't want them autobuying food and drink they can't even use {or afford!}. You can set a separate profile here for the 2 teams so that you can have different settings for each of them.

    Core: Communications

    This section is for setting up a separate chat channel for your team. This is especially useful if you don't run your own full team and bring other people into your party. You can send various announcements to this channel that you want to see, but don't want to spam the other people in your party with.

    To set it up or if your toons keep registering as Offline :

    Quote Originally Posted by Jafula View Post
    Change the core:communications channels on all toons. Make up your own channel name and password (no spaces) and enter this information seperately into each toons core:communications options. Seperately because these channel settings cannot be pushed. Then log out of all your toons and log them back in. Give it 30 seconds and they should all be able to see each other.

    Core: Team

    We've already seen this window, but didn't get too indepth. This section contains various options for how your team should act upon the creation of your party, such as setting loot rule and determining who you accept invites from.

    Core: Tags

    This is very useful for separating your team into groups. Tags allow you to send commands to your whole team, or only certain toons. We've already used the "all" command to set up our master toon. You can create any number of tags for any number of uses.

    For example, I run a team that has 3 toons that use melee attacks and 2 that are supposed to stay ranged. I can create a tag for "melee" under each of my melee toons and use the command "/jamba-follow aftercombat on melee". Now my melee toons will automatically autofollow me after combat ends, while my ranged toons can stay where there are.

    My team also has different needs for reagents. I can create a tag "bless" under each of my paladins and "rez" under each of my shamans. Then I can go to the Purchase section of Jamba and enter Symbol of Kings with the tag "bless" and Ankh with the tag of "rez". Now only the paladins will buy Symbols of Kings and only the shamans will buy Ankhs.

    Core: Message Display

    This allows you to tell Jamba where to put all the different messages it sends out. Some you may want to go to your chat window, others you may want to send to a more visible area, like the Raid Warning frame. Yet others you may not want to see at all.

    Display: Team

    This is where you can configure the Jamba team window. You can choose to have it visible all the time, only on the master, hide it during combat or never show it.

    You can also configure what it should show and how, as well as scale. It is very useful for getting at-a-glance information on your whole team that you won't get from a normal party window, such as seeing if someone loses auto follow and what everyone's current XP is.


    This allows you to configure how following works for your team, such as telling them who to follow and when {or when not to}, as well as sending warnings if one or all of your slaves break follow.

    It also allows you to configure follow strobing, which reissues the follow command to your team at specific intervals. Follow strobing is very useful for people who run melee teams and especially useful when traveling, so that you don't lose your slaves to lag.

    FTL Helper

    The FTL Helper allows you to set up Focusless, Targetless Leaderless system for your team through Jamba. FTL is a means of allowing any toons to be your main at any given time, especially vital in PvP or any situation where you would often need to quickly and smoothly swap control from one character to another. Please see the old Discussion thread for more information on FTL.
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    Macro, Macro: Variables and Macro: Macros

    An integrated macro builder that uses tags to create macro sets for your team. Please see Jafula's thread here for how to make use of this set of modules.

    Item Use

    A wonderful way to get your whole team to use items at the same time. Some examples of the awesomeness of the Item Bar are :

    • Using Quest Items. Some quests can get done much faster if you use an item at the same time on everyone. There are even quests where 1 kill can get you credit up to 5 times if everyone does it at the same time.

    • Equipping items. If you run a team that is all the same class, you can drop a quest reward in the Item bar, use the hotkey and your whole team will find and equip it. No more searching your bags on all your toons to find a new piece of gear, quest "Armor", Argent Lances, etc.

    • Using consumables. Got a slew of alchemists in your team? You can drop pretty much any consumable, from food to potions to bandages, even your hearthstone in the Item window to get everyone to use them at the same time.

    To configure the appearance Item Bar, use this section. Once you have it set up the way you like it, open your Key Bindings {ESC > Key Bindings}. Scroll down towards the bottom & look for the Jamba-Item-Use section. Assign your keybinds for the bar on EACH team member.

    To use the Item Bar, drag the item from your bag on your main toon & drop it in the proper spot on the bar. Your slaves will automatically receive this information from your main & put the item in the same place on their bars. Now all you have to do is press the hotkey you assigned & everyone uses the same item at the same time.

    To remove an item from the bar, just drag it off the bar. Your slaves will automatically do the same.


    This section is where you can set up announcements for various procs from your slaves to your main so you won't have to miss out on DPS boosts or talents because they are proc-related. Simply enter the name of the spell that procs & the text you want to display. Then choose where you want the display & set up your tags.

    To move the Jamba Proc bars, you must enable Test Bars FIRST. Once they are enabled, you can move via Alt+drag.


    Set your team up so that they automatically restock any items they need from vendors. This means you never have to worry about anyone running out of things like food, drink or reagents as long as you visit those vendors. See my examples in Core: Tags to see how to make sure all the right toons are buying all the right things.

    To add an autobuy item make sure "Auto Buy Items" is checked, then simply drag it from your bag to the text box. Enter a new tag if applicable & the max number of that item you want to have. This is a total number, you will not buy 200 Sweet Nectar every time you go to the inn keeper. Now click Add.

    Scroll down a little further to configure your Purchase message.


    This section makes picking up quests a lot less frustrating. There are 2 ways to pick up quests for multiboxers.

    Sharing Quests

    • This method has your main pick up all quests & then shares them with the rest of the team. If you use this method, you will want to look at the Accept Quests section, and make sure your team is configured to auto accept quests that your master is sharing. You will also want to enable "Master AutoShare Quests When Accepted".


    • With this method, you will have to make use of the Blizzard Click-to-Move and Interact With Target functions. Because not all quests are sharable, this is often the preferred method of quest gathering.

    • To enable these features, go to your Blizzard Mouse Options {ESC > Interface > Game > Mouse} & enable Click-to-Move on your slaves {Enabling click-to-move on the master is not advisable...nothing is more annoying than trying to click a mob and running off into the distance}.

    • Now go to Key Bindings again {ESC > Key Bindings} and look for the Targeting Functions section. Near the bottom of that section, you will find Interact With Target. Set this for everyone. I use ] for my team.

    • Finally, create a macro on all your slaves to assist your main {such as "/assist MASTERNAME" or "/assist focus"}. Put that on a bar and set a hotkey for it. I use [.

    • Now, whenever you go to a questgiver, you target it with your main, tell your slaves to assist, and then hit your interact button. Everyone should open the quest window at the same time.

    NOW, back to Jamba. Enable "Toon Select & Decline Quest With Team" or "All Auto Select Quests". The first option makes your slaves mirror whatever action you take with your main in a quest dialogue window. The second always automatically accepts the quest.

    A note on Escort Quests. Because Escort quests automatically pop up a confirmation box to the whole group when the first person accepts it, you will want to avoid having your slaves start and confirm an escort dialogue. This will cause the quest to glitch & not everyone will get credit for completion, even though the quest log says they all have the it.

    Instead, make sure "Toon Auto Accept Escort Quests From Team" is checked and initiate & accept only from your main. This will allow your slaves to auto-confirm the popup & get proper credit upon completion.

    Scroll down a bit for more stuff. The Jamba-Quest Log is a nice way to be able to actually manage your quests across the whole team. After you enable it, you should see a new bar in your default quest log.

    Anything you do on the Jamba bar is automatically copied by your whole team.

    • Select - Highlights the selected quest in your log on your whole team.
    • Share - Shares the selected quest with your team.
    • Track - Tracks the currently selected Quest's objective on your team.
    • Abandon - Abandons the currently selected quest on your whole team.
    • Share All - Attempts to share every quest anyone on your team has.
    • Track All - Attempts to track all Quest Objectives on every team member.
    • Abandon All - Purges all quests from all team members.

    Quest Completion

    You've done all the work, now it's time for rewards. This section allows you to configure easy quest completion.

    Enable Auto Quest Completion

    • If the quest offers no reward or only a single reward, you can opt to have everyone wait for you to manually accept the reward/completion, have your slaves mirror whatever your master does, or autocomplete without asking.

    • If the quest has multiple rewards, you can have them wait until you manually choose & complete the quest on each toon, or you can have them mirror the completion with the master. If you have the slave mirror the master, you can opt for manual reward selection, everyone always takes what the master takes or you can use a modifier action. If you choose the modifier, you can hold down that key while you press accept or complete to make everyone choose the same reward. If you do not hold down the modifier key, everyone will choose whatever they have highlighted. This option is very useful when no rewards are usable or upgrades and you want everyone to select the same higher-value item for vendoring.

    • The override is pretty self explanatory.

    Sell: Greys

    This allows you to autovendor any grey item without having to go through your bags.
    You can also enable "Hold Alt While Selling An Item To Sell On All Toons". This works for any vendorable item, not just greys. This allows you to easily get rid of those stacks of Mystery Meat, Vyrkul Bones or even unwanted quest rewards with one click.

    There is also an option here to toggle a list of what your team sells.

    Sell: Others

    This section allows you to add other commonly acquired, yet unwanted items to an auto-sell list. Don't have a need for all that water you pick up because you run a warrior? Add it to the autosell here. You can also add tags to items so you can vendor the water on your warrior but keep it on your priest.


    This manages whisper forwarding, so if people send messages to your slaves, it automatically forwards to your main, so you don't miss any foaming nerdrage, grammatically painful gold spam or notices that you have may be lucky Blizzard mounts. Oh, and if you get a real message, you can even reply back from your main.


    Allows all your toons to end up in the same place when taking a flight from a flight master.


    This allows you to configure notices for various status updates on your slaves. You can set this up so you receive messages when you enter combat, when a slave is attacked, when health or mana fall below a certain threshold or if your fill up your bags.


    Autodecline for duels and guild invites. You can also Auto Accept Rezzes without having to deal with clicking the popup boxes.

    Toon: Merchant

    This is where you can set up autorepair for your team when they go to a vendor with the option. You can also choose if your team repairs from their own funds or uses money from the guild bank to make repairs.
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    Jamba Target

    Jamba-Target is a way to manage CC and kill order for your team. It's an old-school part of Jamba that Jafula has recently resurrected. It works much the same as it did originally, so here's the original documentation.

    Jamba Advanced Loot

    This is a brand new part of Jamba born of Schilm's work here. NOTE - this module is already included in current versions of Jamba. There is no need to download it separately from Schlim's thread.

    This part of Jamba allows you to pre-assign looting rights to individual toons. The original concept was for looting Motes of Harmony {BoP and not tradeable in any form as of this post} to toons that need them instead of always getting them on your main. But it can be used to "pass" any commonly looted item to any other toon so you don't have to manually trade items back and forth.

    For example, you can assign cloth to your tailor so you never have to double-check corpses for bonus cloth, or mana potions to your healer. Maybe you're farming old factions and need to collect warbeads, or you're spending some time out in Vale of Eternal Blossoms and don't want to accidentally loot Skyshards on your slaves or want to pass Ancient Guo-Lai Cache Key to a slave so you can skip a daily gathering quest on them.

    Currently you can only "pass" loot to one toon at a time {try using Karni's Crap Filter as outlined in this post if you want to make your slaves squabble over specific loot}. You will also still need to actually loot the item with the appropriate toon. All this mod does is leave the selected loot on the corpse. Note that you can still manually loot the item on any toon by opening the loot window and clicking the item as you would if autoloot were disabled.

    Jamba Tips and Tricks

    • Jafula has also put together a thread listing all sorts of Jamba info here. Be sure to check there if you run in to something not covered here.

    • You don't have to manually invite your entire team or issue a lot of commands. Try setting up a macro button with multiple commands to make quick work of getting your team going. This way you have a single button to do a lot of different things.

    • You can alternate between follow strobing and normal follow commands depending on your needs. I use follow strobing on all my slaves when I am mounted, but turn it off when I am not mounted. I also use autofollow after combat on my melee slaves to prevent runaways after combat, but not on my healer or hunter since I want them to stay put after combat.

    TL;DR & Troubleshooting

    How do I move these bars?

    • Party and Item bars - Hold ALT then use your mouse to drag them to where you want them to display.
    • For Jamba Proc, you must go into the options, turn on Test Bars, THEN you can use Alt+Drag.
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    saved for edits
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    Might this be the second coming of Ualaa? Great write up, makes me want to upgrade right after I follow the Ualaa on IS. (The Ualaa=Ualaa's guide to setup Innerspace; like the name?)
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    Awesome work Khatovar, thank you so much for your effort in building this. I really appreciate it!
    Jamba - Jafula's Awesome Multi Boxer Assistant. An addon for YOU.

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    No, no, no. Thank YOU for making such an incredibly awesome fantastical mod for us!
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    I couldnt box without Jamba. With all its amazing features, its a must have. Anyway just wanted to say thx for making and sharing this awsome addon !

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    Default This Strobing thing..

    I really don't understand it, can you elaborate on it more maybe with examples, and tell me what makes it different?

    Also the item bar is a great, great idea but I would to actually be able to move it where ever I want to.

    Edit: Disregard post, I figured it out
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