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    Default Diablo 3 Builds Reference

    This post indexes useful posts on D3; primarily focused on multiboxing builds. Feel free to point me at any posts I've missed, errors, broken links, or what have you. Or if there is a better 'reference' for a particular build that should be linked instead.

    In many cases the 'build' evolved over the course of a thread; and in the absence of a better idea, I linked to the first post where information was given and subsequent updates. I use my judgement when combining very similar builds topically; if you feel I've unfairly lumped builds together when they should be distinct, just let me know.

    Where threads dedicated to the topic exist, they will be listed first and should be used in preference to posts buried in the middle of longer threads which will be included for reference as they were the genesis of the idea.

    As patches come out and threads become obsolete, they will be moved from the main post.

    Initial update for 2.3

    2.3 Specific information

    4x WitchDoctors
    Dev's Thread. Dev's report. Followup.

    4x WW Barbs
    Dev comment on his 2.3 update to his 2.2 build.

    4x Monks
    djeay's report.

    Other Handy Links:

    Class synergies Discussion on Bnet

    Legendary Crafting Materials Drop Locations post

    Torment Only Legendaries list

    Deciding when to increase difficulty.

    How to boost while multiboxing thread.

    How to notice legendary drops discussion.

    CDR required to round-robin a skill post.
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    2.1.2 Information; dated but if anythings relevant let me know and I'll move it appropriately.

    2.1.2 Overview

    4x Crusaders
    Condemn. Stampede still works.

    4x DemonHunter
    Marauders is still king, though more active than in 2.1. See Dev's 2.1.2 overview.

    4x Monk
    Viable, See 2.1.2 Overview.

    Pre 2.1.2 Information, if its still relevant to 2.1.2 let me know and I will move it appropriately.

    4x Crusaders Stampede

    4x DemonHunter
    GR 37 report.

    4x Wizard

    4X WitchDoctor
    Report from Devile.

    WD + 3X Wizards
    Post by Dev.

    WD, Wiz, DH, DH

    Pre 2.1, builds might still be viable, depending. If any are completely unchanged by 2.1, let me know and I will move them to first post.

    4x Barbarian

    WW/Hammer of the Ancients
    Original post.

    4x Crusaders:

    Justice/Holy Bolt and Fiist of the Heavens/Fissure
    Discussion thread. Original post.

    3x Crusaders 1x Monk (ZDPS Monk)
    Thread. Draft. Test. Update. Gearing.
    [Note that ZDPS monks are compatible with most teams.]

    4x Demon Hunter

    Original post.

    Discussion thread.

    4x Monks:

    Lashing Tail Kick/Cyclone
    Original post. Update.

    Tempest Rush/Epiphany.
    Discussion thread dedicated to this build. Original post. Update.

    4x WitchDoctors

    Pet Build(s), (AKA Lazy Beer Farm)
    Discussion thread. Original posts discussing this build.

    3x Pet Build and CC Doctor (post 2.0.5 T6 viable).
    Discussion thread. Note CC doctor is viable in other groups.

    4x Wizards:

    Black Hole/Electrocute
    Discussion thread. Original post.

    Original post.

    Mixed Teams

    Bar/Monk/Wiz/Wiz / WD/Monk/Wiz/Wiz Thread (Slightly old, but some good information/theorcrafting)
    Original post.

    Original post.
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    Going to go ahead and reserve another post, since the archival of old build threads is probably going to grow infinitely, more or less.

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