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Not too long ago, I mentioned in IRC that I'd hit Zen Master Fishing on my whole team. In the interest of having something to post, I decided to blog a little about fishing.

Granted, this isn't anything new. You can find posts random posts going back forever on multiboxing fishing, so it's not really a how-to post. It's just a random time-waster post about my experience with it.


It's no secret that fishing sucks. It's pretty damned tedious sitting there staring at a half inch of your screen endlessly. It almost feels like being a raid healer back in the day, lol.

Since Ive always done cooking to feed myself, my guild or my bank, I've always had fishing at least partially leveled on my main. But the thought of ever leveling fishing again - despite what, 3? 4? more? buffs to the fishing time investment - just made me ill. I couldn't even be bothered to continue leveling it on my main in Wrath or Cata. Whatever skillups I got were incidental from doing dailies. But to level it all over again on my slaves? Hahaha. I didn't want the 12g or whatever from the dailies THAT badly.

When I started using Interact with Mouseover and saw how well that worked for my slaves for things like Command Boards and mailboxes, I decided to see exactly how well it worked - first by using it on ground spawns. Large things like the cactus fruits for the cooking daily were no problem. So I decided to try it on smaller things, like plants. And of course, that worked too. Then one day, I decided to give it the ultimate test and headed off to old Lumak in Org to train fishing and buy me some supplies.

Early attempts weren't exactly what I'd call a rousing success. It worked well enough, but there was always the issue of slightly different points of view because of terrain and the fact that my team is 2 Blood Elves, 2 Orcs and a Troll. So even if the ground was totally level, there was still height issues.

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The first problem was easy to fix. Since I run with a Death Knight, I've always got Path of Frost available, so I just always fished on water instead of from land.

The height issue required a little more finesse. I was able to compensate a little simply because the game gives you a pretty large area where you can click the bobber, but I still needed to "stagger" my stacking by height so that my troll was a little further behind my orcs and my blood elves were a little in front of them. It was time-consuming trying to get close enough positioning, but it worked well enough to do the dailies.

While I got points here and there, I never skilled up very high just doing dailies. And so it went for however long I was actually playing my team during Cata.

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Then came MoP and the Order of the Cloud Serpent and Anglers dailies.

They want me to catch fish? *shrug* I can catch fish.

And people want to pay me 20g EACH for these Golden Carp?? LOL, sure thing, come to Mama. {Yeah, sometimes my server imbalance is awesome.}

I have no idea how many times a day I was reported for botting as I stood 5-deep outside the Arboretum or Angler's Wharf, but I always drew a crowd. Even if I was off in some secluded corner somewhere, I seemed to attract gawkers like there was no tomorrow.

After realizing exactly how much fishing I was going to be doing, I decided to put a little effort fixing the last of my issues - the height problem. I kept thinking "Man, if I could go back in time, I'd never have rolled a troll. Wouldn't it be awesome if my whole team could be orcs?" Yes, I love orcs. If I could have female Orc Paladins, I'd have a spontaneous orgasm be ever so happy.

*cough* Yes, well... *cough*

Maybe they can't be orcs, but they can all be Elves with Kalytha's Haunted Locket. I'm sure there's other ways to get a long duration, consistent and repeatable disguise, but *shrug* this was easy and I save bazillions of gold only having to buy mounts and stuff once {not to mention what I've made selling off extra pets}. So this was pocket change to me. I made far more than that off selling all my extra Golden Carp and other random fish at the start of the expansion than I spent anyway.

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Now I love fishing. It makes me giddy every time I stack up and play whack-a-mole with 5 bobbers. I love watching people watch me fish, especially when they try and cuss me out cross-faction or think they can "screw up my botting" by fishing in the same spot or flying/swimming in my bobbers. It makes my life so much easier when I can pop out for an half an hour and come back with enough fish for a couple weeks. I love when I can fish out a pool in 1 or 2 casts instead of dozens of recasts. It all just makes me unreasonably happy. Yes, I am this lame, lol.

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  1. MiRai's Avatar
    Haha Good read.
  2. luxlunae's Avatar
    This has inspired me to try again with the interact with mouseover stuff.
  3. Dusl's Avatar
    Great post!
    Have to figure out too much other stuff right now, but I will come back soon!
    Thanks Khatovar.
  4. Chivalrous's Avatar
    You're awesome khat. Would this work with isboxer too? I was thinking turn off click to move and just mouse broadcast? Haven't tried it yet.
  5. Khatovar's Avatar
    I don't see why not, ISBoxer also has mouse passing from my understanding. From what I recall in my days of using it, it even had the cursor duplicated so you could see it on all the windows at once, so it would be easier to see if you're lined up properly.
  6. Chivalrous's Avatar
    Can't wait to try it!
  7. Lyonheart's Avatar
    Been trying to get this to work with ISboxer and can not get the slaves to click the bobbers. I just toggle mouse broadcasting on.. have them all set to one of my mouse buttons for IWM. Even with the screens lined up the same ( 5 gnomes ). I can see their "hook" over the bobbers but they are not IWMing with them.

    Been dying to try this! Fish sell for way too much!

    update. For some reason it was not passing my mouse button (shift+~) i was using for IWM.. . so i just bound it to 2 to see if that would work.. it works like a charm! Grea thing about my gnomes ..besides all being teh same size, is they are Zen Flight+ fishing on water+ WIN!!
    Updated 01-19-2013 at 01:48 PM by Lyonheart
  8. Khatovar's Avatar
    Great to hear you got it working, Lyonheart! My husband started the Cloud Serpent dailies last night and needed Golden Carp so I popped out for half an hour with my team. He was totally dumbfounded when he opened the guild bank and saw more than 200 fish waiting for him in there!
  9. Lyonheart's Avatar
    I'm using

    /script SetView(1);SetView(1)
    /script CameraZoomOut(20)
    /script SaveView(1);SaveView(1);

    But it does not seem to work right. When i hit it they all go to a similar angle and view.. but the hooks are not all near the same bobber. I'm using 5 stacked gnomes. Is that macro i used an old one that's not up to code?
    Updated 01-20-2013 at 11:50 AM by Lyonheart
  10. luxlunae's Avatar
    Are you sure all of your views are identical? You have to jump through the set view hoops in this tutorial first "similar" isn't going to be good enough!–-part-5/

    and then to actually change to the view its "/run SetView(2)" in the in game macro (I put that on the same key that sends down to the master and up to the slaves).
  11. Khatovar's Avatar
    Like Luxlunae said, they have to be identical. My macro only uses

    /script SetView (4); SetView (4)

    It looks like the macro you are using is setting your toons to the same default view {assuming you've never changed it}, zooming the camera out and then saving that view every time you hit the button. Except the zoom isn't instant while the setview and saveview are.

    What you may be running into is the save happening before the camera finishes zooming and overwriting the original setview. And since you're calling the same thing every time you're hitting the key, it could be slightly altering the final view every time.

    I know when I first set up my setview it all looked right and worked well enough in regards to just using it for AOE. When I moved to using it for IWM it wasn't as close as I thought. When I called it and went into the and looked at the cameraSavedDistance and cameraSavedPitch the numbers were all slightly off.
  12. Lyonheart's Avatar
    ok guys thx a lot. I was using the old macro system.. i missed the memo about them breaking you being able to save custom views with a macro lol. I am also using "/script SetView (4); SetView (4)" now and its perfect 8) I have now replaced my old out of date AoE macros to use view 4 as well 8) now that i got this figured out.. i have 7 accounts with 85 or higher gnomes! 8 Box Khat I come!
    Updated 08-20-2014 at 04:30 PM by Khatovar
  13. Khatovar's Avatar
    Posting the crosslink since the article and blog post don't share comments