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    Default Gathering via Interact with...Mouseover

    This is the short version of how I set up Gathering Via IWM. There's a {MUCH} longer, more detailed version with images on my site


    When I came back to WoW recently, I made a lot of changes to my setup, not the least of which was scaling my slave screens down so I could make better use of my secondary monitor. One of the drawbacks to this was it made it harder to do gathering on my slaves. I'm sure you all know the annoyances that come with that.

    I decided to try just mouse broadcasting from my main to hit the node. Fail. I only got one shot at that because click to move would scatter my other slaves all over the place. Poor positioning meant I'd just end up having to move over to the proper slave screen and do it anyway.

    I spent a while thinking on it. Then, while checking something in my keybindings, I happened across a binding I hadn't noticed before. Interact with Mouseover. Hmmm...interesting. I set a binding for it on my main and went to check out what it does.

    Moused over the mailbox and hit the binding....mailbox opened. Huh, neat.

    Ran over to the Warchief's Command Board and did it again. Fascinating.

    Backed up so I was out of range and did it again...nothing happened. Huh? NOTHING happened! I didn't go running over to the board! It doesn't activate Click to Move. Now we're on to something.

    I immediately set the keybindings on all my toons and ventured out into Durotar. I found a Copper Vein, turned on my mouse broadcasting and hit the hotkey. And there goes little Lifetaker, mining away while everyone else just stands there. Wonderful!

    But, as science will tell you, once is a fluke. So I ran around looking for other stuff to try it on. Here we started seeing problems. Smaller herbs were harder to hit. Positioning and camera angles made the whole thing hit or miss. How to make this work...?

    A fresh latte later and -

    Using Interact with Mouseover for Gathering

    First, go into your WoW Key Bindings and set a key for Interact with Mouseover. It's right above Interact with Target in the Targeting Functions section.

    Next create a setview macro for everyone. I used the same view I have for my normal AOE macros. Bind it to a hotkey, of course.

    Now, you'll need a Formation key. Basically just something that sends "move back" to the master and "move forward" to the slaves, so you can press it until they meet in the middle. This also breaks follow so your slaves don't turn in to face your master as s/he moves towards them, thereby screwing up their positioning.

    For my HotKeyNet script its

    <MovementHotkey LShift S>
        <SendLabel w1>
            <Key Ctrl NumpadEnter>
            <Key S>
        <SendLabel w2, w3, w4, w5>
            <Key Ctrl NumpadEnter>
            <Key Up>
    This just calls the SetView macro at the same time as moving. Or you can call the macro separately, or as part of the keyup, or as a step somewhere. Whatever makes you happy.

    Finally, you'll need to enable mouse passing and call the keybind for IWM. Again, how you do this will depend on the program you use. In ISBoxer, you can do on next press or you've got the thingy to keep broadcasting the mouse. For HotKeyNet I use Clickmouse

    <Hotkey Oem3>  
        <SendLabel w1, w2, w3, w4, w5>
                <Clickmouse Noclick>
                    <Key Shift Space>
    Notice the Noclick. IWM is a hotkey, the whole point of using it is to avoid having to use the mouse to click, thereby avoiding triggering click to move on your slaves. All you want to be able to do is have the mouse active on your slave screens so the screen knows WHAT to interact with.

    Now I just run up on whatever node, hit Shift+S quick to pile everyone up and tap `. No more squinting, no more screen swapping, no more slaves randomly clicking to move all over the place and it's pretty darn accurate assuming the terrain doesn't just suck.

    You can also disable this on your master {or not} and use it to gather quest items on the landscape. I just used it to do the daily cooking quest "Careful, this Fruit Bites Back", where you need to pick Prickly Pear Fruit off the cacti in Orgrimmar. This way your slaves can get their quest done first so your master can still see the sparklies.

    And as noted in my long leadup, you can use it to interact with other non-targetable things, like mailboxes, wanted signs, command boards, books, your guild bank, etc.

    As with anything else that uses mouse broadcasting your mileage may vary depending on your camera angles and mouse scaling. But if you're successfully using mouse broadcasting to AOE, Heal or just about anything else, this should work just fine for you.

    Hope someone else finds this useful and it's not just old hat stuff that I totally missed.
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    Good work on this

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    Nice job!
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    Cool. This will help with all those stupid cata quests.


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    Has anyone set this up in ISboxer?
    if so, will you please link a working profile, it's a really great idea, but it's just so easy for a boxernoob like me, to get this to work in the right way.

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    There shouldn't be anything complicated for adapting this to IS Boxer.

    In Warcraft, set a keybinding for 'Interact with Mouseover'.

    Make a mapped key, that sends IwM (Interact with Mouseover) to all windows.
    Or maybe to all members of an Action Target Group, if you want only some characters to IwM.
    Any hotkey that is unique, but the output has to be your wow IwM keybind.

    In IS Boxer, make a 'Stack Up' mapped key.
    Something that will move the slaves forward (W key, Target: Window All w/o Current)... and the master backwards (S key, Target: Current Window).
    Probably 'Hold Keystroke while Key is Held', so you can... Follow, to line them up > Press & Hold this mapped key's hotkey > Release and have everyone stacked up nicely.
    You can have this send a keybind for SetView, or use a Named Macro Library Action, with the SetView macro stored in IS Boxer.

    Then you either need Mouse Broadcasting enabled or a Repeater Region that is large enough to cover the area in which you'd like to click.
    The Broadcasting is probably easier.

    In practice...

    Everyone is following the current window.
    You position your main near where you'll want to IwM.
    You push your Stack Up hotkey, and release when they're stacked... that sets the view so everyone has the same camera angles etc.
    Enable Mouse Broadcasting.
    Push your IwM hotkey, once the mouse is positioned where you want it (don't click with the mouse, use the IwM mapped key).
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    I set this up a couple of weeks ago and the one thing that you didn't mention is that you need something to clear target as part of your steps. If toons have a target and are not mousing over something they can interact with, and the target is close enough to interact with, they'll run off and try to interact with it. Learned this when trying to fish in SW next to the trainer! All the other steps Ualaa mentioned are part of the system I have going for fishing and it works great!

    I found it easiest to just put the /cleartarget on the IWM key.

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    Quote Originally Posted by luxlunae View Post
    I set this up a couple of weeks ago and the one thing that you didn't mention is that you need something to clear target as part of your steps. If toons have a target and are not mousing over something they can interact with, and the target is close enough to interact with, they'll run off and try to interact with it. Learned this when trying to fish in SW next to the trainer! All the other steps Ualaa mentioned are part of the system I have going for fishing and it works great!

    I found it easiest to just put the /cleartarget on the IWM key.

    HI Lax

    and Ualaa - thanks for reply, super nice as always

    Lax do you mind posting you profile, for the interact with mouse, so I can see how you have set it up, it's simply not working for me, no matter what I do, I am for sure doing something wrong, but that is not going to help me, I have pretty much hit a wall, where I properly will stop multiboxing, if I don't find a solution to this, I will for sure not hit Cata without this working right. spending days trying out all kind of setups, without any positive result, is not what I will call fun in any ways, but rather deeply frustrating. I'm not blaming anyone other than my self, and my noobiness for not understanding what you guys are trying to say, but trust me, I am really trying. there are very few posts about "interact with mouseover" (wish thinking, must be a Mirai 101 movie about it). so I was thinking that maybe a working profile for this, can help me out of this deadwater.

    this is what I have been doing so fare -

    bind interact with mouseover in WoW to ">"

    hotkey bind the Interact with mouseover in ISboxer with the same ">"

    made a stack up mapped key, with a macro for SetView4 for all toons, activating with shift+s (main move back, slaves move forward, and setview4 on all toons)

    but nothing real is happening, yes the toons are stacking up, and the setview4 is activating on all toons,
    mouse broadcasting is activating, when I push "<" ingame, and yes all toons will also open a mailbox if I stand in ranges of the mailbox (mean very close) and with Herb and mining, the toons with gather profession will start to herb and mine, if I am in very close range on the node, and everyone is stack up perfect.

    this is from the interact with mouseover in ISboxer

    this is from the stack up

    so can someone please tell me what I am doing wrong, hope this give some kind of meaning of what my problem is.

    Best regards


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    I'm actually not lax but since you quoted my post I assume you meant me. From your description (mailboxes and herbing working if you are really close)it sounds like your isboxer side is set up just fine. Also assuming that the toons are all the same gender/race/height, your problem at this point is almost certainly with your setview step and not with isboxer. Isboxer can't mess with your setview variables, they are NOT stored on your computer. This is not super simple, alas.

    The only way to make sure they are the same is to follow the relevent portion of khat's guide on:–-part-5/

    Set the view you want to use on your master by positioning your camera to wherever you like it.

    Once you have the viewpoint that you like, enter
    /script SaveView(#)
    , where # is a whole number between 2 and 5, in your chat and hit enter. I used /script SaveView (4). You have now saved this as a new preset viewpoint.

    Log out all of your toons. Make sure this is a proper log out, don’t just force close the game. And make sure you haven’t moved your camera at all on your master since you saved the view!

    Go to \World of Warcraft\WTF\Account\ACCOUNT NAME\SERVER NAME\TOON NAME. This needs to be the path for your main toon, where you just set the camera view.

    Open config-cache.WTF in a text editor like Notepad.

    Look for the lines below :

    SET cameraSavedDistance “XX.XXXXXX”
    SET cameraSavedPitch “XX.XXXXXX”
    If you didn’t move your camera after you did the SaveView, this should be the exact positioning for your new camera preset.

    Now, go back and open up the config-cache.WTF files for all your slaves. No doubt the numbers read differently for them. And this is why you needed to avoid moving the camera. Those numbers are NOT the actual position of the newly preset camera, those are the last positions of your camera before you logged out. Something changed with Cata and you don’t have SavedView variables anymore locally. So we’ll match up the log in views instead.

    Copy the SavedDistance and SavedPitch numbers from your master’s config-cache.WTF file to all of your slaves’ config-cache.WTF. Save and exit all of the files.

    Log back in to the game on everyone. On each of your slaves, enter the same
      /script SaveView(#)
    that you entered for your master. In my case, it was
    /script SaveView(4)

    Now, mess up everyone’s camera views. Zoom some in, zoom some out, make some look at the sky, someone else look at the ground, flip one’s around, whatever. This is where we test that the settings saved.

    Create the following macro for everyone and give it a keybinding. Replace the # with the appropriate number from your SaveView, of course.

    /script SetView (#); SetView (#)
    Now hit the macro. If you followed all the instructions, everyone’s camera should go back to the right viewpoint.
    I also wanted to add that personally I experimented both ways and prefer to just turn on mouse broadcasting before I IWM, then turn it off when I'm finished, rather than activating it as part of my IWM.
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    upsss for name messupsss, but thanks for reply, yes I have the same race, 4 cows and a bull, so it's very close to be the same size....a question, do I have to make a bind for the left mouse button to also activating "<"? if so what's the reason for that, since it's already bound to a G-key?

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