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    Brill thanks.

    For the 4x DK - they'd be starting at 100. Would I need to solo the initial Artifact quest for each?

    Also, would the done thing be to level all 4x together at the same time or one by one?

    Thanks again

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    you have to solo the artifact stuff, other than those scenarios you level them together.

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    and class hall stuff is solo only ( most of it )
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    All scenarios are solos which sucks, after that the rest is questing or killing elites up in Highmountain that give u 3200xp per kill in rest xp its double, their is a post about that here

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    Thanks all for the advice.

    Got my setup working last night - not attempted anything more than the training dummies but got all the controls about right for the 4x DK. I've chosen Blood for now as it seems to be simple and survivable, I've noticed when I've seen boxers around they normally run Unholy (any advice would be brill!) - for levelling I'm not investing enough to worry about respeccing down the line.

    One question - I have a 110 HPally (only around 850 iLvL) and my new 4x 100 DK's.

    Should I quest as a 5-box during levelling 100-110 or just level as a 4?

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    Decided to run the 4xDK and ditch the pally until they are all 110.

    Seems to work very well, just smash anything up - even managed to solo Halls of Valor (lvl 102/3) - tricky with the mechanics but got it working.

    My issue now though is the end quest "Securing the Aegis" where the Aegis simply has a grey question mark above it, I've run the dungeon 3 times and had the same.
    Could this be caused by the fact I'm boxing and have 4x same class (tank) running it? I've opened a GM ticket and they've just said it can happen and have advised to re-run :/

    Because it's the main quest line it's putting a bit of a pause on progress.

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    This has never happened to me ( 3 teams leveled to 110 so far ) .. might have to queue solo on each guy maybe? Would be fast queues due to being a tank.
    Currently 5 Boxing 5 Protection Paladins on Whisperwind Alliance
    The Power of Five!!! ( short video )

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    That's what I'm thinking - I may try one more run then just go solo.

    It's a shame because they're levelling so fast but need to clear this for class campaign and I assume pathfinder.

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    Shouldn't be greyed out. Sure there isn't some other part of the quest you have to do first, like talk to Odyn? I just 5 boxed that quest, didn't need to use lfg ever on my pali tanks.

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    That is probably one of those quests where they don't "process" properly if you accept it en masse via IWT/Jamba/etc. I had several where I had to pick it up one at a time or the non-leader accounts wouldn't complete it or sometimes wouldn't even get it.
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