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    Thumbs up [LoTRO MultiBoxing] After spending time with the free version, I bought the license

    It took me a bit to get accustomed to the menus, and after watching videos (which were very helpful) I was able to get a 3-account setup to my liking. I don't believe there are many people publishing their "How-To" article/videos for use with LoTRO, so I may end up doing this before the end of '21.

    For an old handicapped gamer, this software really helps me enjoy leveling characters and playing a few instances without needing to be in a guild.

    Tip: If you've got the space for it, have your accounts run from separate LoTRO directories. I've found that this worked best for my setup.

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    My limitation on Lotro always comes around level 25 (group or single). I just really hate those questing zones that are 90 running back and forth around geography.

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    I also tri-box it from time to time (all chars at 130, waiting for Gundabad to go into discount). I found it very easy to box with this plug-in Essentially my master sends mouse clicks to slaves when I hit spam button (I use ISboxer but I guess it is an overkill) and plugin has a snapping feature that makes sure clicks land on the sequence bar (on master too). Ok, the set-up I have is a bit more sophisticated than just having single sequence rolling, I have multiple sequences for different combat mechanics, which are being swapped when I use some keybinds - but same plugin makes it easy as it has bindable events that make the bar swap. Still very very easy, compared to what I had before I found the plugin.
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