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    Default Need show to watch while playing

    I am looking for a tv show preferably on Netflix that I can watch while playing. Anyone know of something good? any genre is alright.

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    Hah I think my favorite "watch while levelling memory" was WOTLK, Major Dad on hulu.

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    I mean, there's plenty of series out there... One that comes to mind from he netflix catalogue (I assume it's available in your region) is Norsemen. A scandinavian comedy (in english) about the life of the vikings. It's absurd and glorious. Sadly cancelled now but all the seasons are well worth a watch.

    That or Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency. Again, cancelled far too soon, but well worth a watch.

    For the life of my I can not fathom how the Office got 9 seasons and both of those series (among many others) were cut so short.
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    I think I've watched Silicon Valley (on HBO though) about 5 times and on my 6th time now... XD

    Other solid "on the side shows" I've watched while levelling/grinding are Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Rick & Morty, Southpark - basically all shows I've watched at least once before so I don't feel I'm missing something through split focus.

    I run five clients on a 3840x1080 screen, a TV show on a normal monitor above and mail/WA/WoWHead etc on another normal monitor above.

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