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    Default MMO Mouse suggestions?

    Logitech ghub is totally broken and trying to go back to the logitech gaming software it freezes.

    I hated the software (that wanted to be a social media platform) for the razr naga I had before.

    Any thoughts on the scimitar?

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    There are quite a few mice in here that 5boxers of an MMO tested with various KM switches:

    While not an exhaustive list it may give you an idea of some of popular options out there.

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    The Swiftpoint Z Mouse is amazing!

    I supported their kickstarter in 2016 and have since bought a second one for my laptop.
    Whilst it's not a traditional MMO mouse, it does have a lot of buttons and amazing functionality - gyroscope, accelerometer, pressure sensitive buttons.

    It is expensive but I've wasted more on mice that haven't lasted anywhere near as long.

    It's also the most comfortable mouse I've ever had!

    Their kickstarter campaign page gives a lot of examples of how to use the various mouse features...

    I'm not affiliated with Swiftpoint, I just love the Z

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    I like the following and recommend the Naga if you don't mind wired mice and are not sure what quantity and placement of side buttons you prefer:

    ~$75 Naga Trinity mouse which has a set of swappable side plates which can be replaced to be with 12 buttons, 7 buttons, or 2 buttons (I find the 12 button plate too dense for my thumb and either use the 7 button plate or 2 button plate):

    Note: When the Naga is configured with the 12 button side plate it results in 19 buttons and when configured with the 7 button plate I think it has 14 total buttons which more than enough for me. I recommend this mouse for those that are not sure what type of side they like for their gaming mice as you can switch and try different configurations.

    ~$47 Logitech G502 mouse, while not marketed as an MMO mouse, it has 11 total buttons which is more than enough for many people:

    Note: The G502 also has a wireless version which feels just like the wired version to me. I like that when I travel my laptop mouse has the same feel as my desktop's wired mouse (I have both):
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