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    Quote Originally Posted by Peri Helion View Post
    Talking about things I have no direct knowledge of - so feel free to correct me if I am wrong, but doesnt Blizzard make more cash off of gold players than they do off of paid subs? In order for you to buy a token with gold, someone had to buy that token for real money (and at an inflated rate), then sell it for in game gold? I have never bought tokens, so I could be wrong.
    This is true and something I often times forget.

    Token Price = $20
    Sub Monthly = $15

    This is all assuming that Tokens are in fact player bought and not Blizz posting them to better control economy and make a more consistent profit margin.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Renwyk View Post
    ... Their data-analysis team did the math and realized that the sheer amount of players paying for game time and other services with gold is their largest deficit. Too many people are “technically” playing for free. Blizz makes most of its revenue through subs. ...
    This logic is so flawed and a very common misconception! No one is ever playing for free really. Blizzard makes MORE from token sales. Someone had to BUY the token for someone else to buy and use for sub.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stubbadub3000 View Post
    I can only assume that mb will be banned outright soon, guess all those people were right when /follow was nuked
    its exactly that..ive been talking about this for first thoughts were about it when i joined this community in 2013

    Blizzard didnt care bots until they FINALLY cracked down on them in 2016 and did a mass banwave..yet multiboxers got cucked way back in early 2013

    i ranted about this and got told by the admin himself "nah blizzard cares and likes u guys"

    see here btw that post isnt my edir but moderators

    i ranted before but let me tell you...

    i played blizzoid games since diablo 2...and like I ranted about this before but blizzoids DIDNT care about bots there at all(except like 2 giant banwaves that actually targeted bots) and literally banned legit players back in 1.10 instead of botters which was hilarious and kinda still triggers me literally 17-18 years later

    tells you their priorities
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    Extremely bummed about this. Requested and received a refund for 4 of my 5 copies of Shadowlands since I still enjoy playing solo at times.

    I've previously dual boxed SWTOR so that could experience both light and dark side of the stories. Maybe i'll look into that again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by monitor View Post
    Extremely bummed about this. Requested and received a refund for 4 of my 5 copies of Shadowlands since I still enjoy playing solo at times.
    I feel your pain - I know it's only a game but I've literally spent all day feeling what can only be described as "numb"... still can't believe it.

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    Default The end

    Quote Originally Posted by gooch3008 View Post
    completely killed the interest I had in retail and classic...... I dont know what I am gonna do now....
    I was waiting to buy shadowlands x 5, thank god i did. Now i get to finish my private pilot license!

    RIP WOW!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DGiraldo View Post
    By the way, is it easily detectable by Blizzard? I mean, will they know exactly who is doing it? Or is it mainly getting reported?
    I assume they will use the same technology to detect key broadcasting programs that they use to detect botting programs.

    Also player reports will auto-ban people multi-boxing in populated areas.

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    Quote Originally Posted by philadelphe View Post
    Multibox is not over. Blizzard dont want "broadcasting software to mirror commands to multiple accounts". If you use round robin you dont mirror commands. If you attribut one key per box you dont miror. For instance you can use clic bar for healing. This is not morroring etc...
    If the broadcasting software is detected you'll get banned and will have an impossible task to convince low-paid, overworked human customer service agent there is a difference between what is bannable and what round robin is

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    I agree - the difference between prohibited "input broadcasting software" and "input round-robin key assigning, but not broadcasting even though its capable of that software" is not a line I think anyone would want to stand on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kate View Post
    On a different note, I was screwing around today with a pure hardware solution (worked pretty well, though not nearly as seamlessly as ISBoxer), and in about 10 minutes I got 4-5 people whispering at me that they've reported me for boxing which is a substantial uptick compared to the usual. I haven't gotten a ban or warning from Blizzard, but given that it's only been an hour or two, I wouldn't put much stock in that.
    Well that didn't take long, not surprised in the slightest given the hatred directed to multi-boxers from the general wow community.

    Also I've read a couple of misconceptions in this thread that I wanted to add my two cents on;
    - Activision makes more money off tokens then subs. People buying game time with tokens is PREFERED by Activision as it makes them more money!

    - The percentage of multi-boxers is greatly exaggerated here, I doubt we would break double, even single digit percentages of wow population. But we have a real and imagined effect on a large percentage of the wow population which leads to reports/complaints, which then requires Activision to spend money actioning these reports/complaints. Activision wants to spend the least amount of money managing WoW.

    - As computers have gotten more powerful, the amount of toons in a multi-boxing team has gotten larger. The game has changed as well in ways like multi-tagging of mobs and multiple toons hitting the same herb/mine node. This has lead to a perfect storm of a single player being able to make a massive amount of gold in the modern game, and Activision have always worked against successful single player gold farms.

    - ISBoxer was too good! It made multi-boxing accessible and thus more people used it leading to more abuse, reports, issues etc.

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