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    Default Healer piloted teams

    Hello! is there any good healerpiloted teams out there? Anything that's actually tested and proved to be functional for mythics & other stuff?
    Just seem to find it easier & having a better overlook from the healer PoV.

    Having some heavy decision anxiety about what comp to play, not really in to either trinity or 5 druids. Please help me out here before I ragequit

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    So you want to do harder 5man content, which are designed to be completed by a trinity (tank, healer and dps), but you dont want to play a trinity... because... why? Why wouldnt you?

    Yes ofcourse you can play from the tank or a healer perspective.
    From the healers view you could basically stand at ranged and imagine your tank is the "most overpowered warlock/hunter tank pet", so if that if something you like, this could be great fun.

    Any well thought out comp could prove successfull i would imagine, after all... with effort...trial and error.. time.... comes potensial success.

    Regardless of which team you play, you will need to learn trashmobs, bossmechanics, how to move out of mechanics (with melee and ranged), debuffs, cleansing, decursing, etc etc etc, "possibly insert hours of custom weak aura work" etc and lots of wiping, especially on higher difficulty. Its all a learning process after all, as you will have to "controll the minds of 5 all on your own".

    The more difficult the content becomes, the more effort it requires.

    Only you will know if you are willing to put in the effort needed. Where you will be "this is it, i wont push myself any further than this, now im satisfied".

    Its a journey afterall.

    The reason most start with f.ex only 5 druids.. is that it easier to start learning 1 class at first. And with druids you have the added bonus of being able to create a dps, tank and healer team. As your knowledge increases, if you are willing, you could carry on to learn other classes and speccs. Which again require more effort on your part.
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    I currently have a few teams that are run from the healer and they can give you a bit of a break from the norm of driving from the tank. I have a Holy Priest/4 x Death Knights, Restoration Shaman/4 x Demon Hunters and a Holy Paladin/Vengeance Demon Hunter/3 x Fury Warrior groups. All are fun to play and have their ups and downs. The Shaman is probably a better choice to run a group especially a melee group since you have I feel better aoe healing, but don't forget Druid healers are great at being able to heal and move! The Holy Paladin is interesting because I have it setup as a shockadin/glimmer build, which means I am healing from within melee range and doing both damage and healing. The other groups I do have a dps setup that I can turn off and on as needed, but being in melee range is completely different.

    One drawback of having a melee heavy group is aoe heavy fights are a pain in the butt. Though sometimes having your group as 4 tanks and a healer can basically cheese some mechanics. Also both DHs and DKs in tank specs have some great self heals, which takes a bunch of stress of the heals from your healer and gives you a bit of breathing room.

    If you check my Youtube channel you will find some videos of the groups I run, I'm not as good as Ellay running keys but I have run Mythics+ with the groups mentioned above.
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    Resto Shaman / 4x BM hunters is amazing and will allow you to do pretty high keys. Mechanics are the easiest for this team due to the pet’s can stand in bad stuff without issue.
    Holy Paladin or similar and 4x Blood DK is also amazing.

    Hisha also does really well as keys, I’ve seen the vids!
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    Holy Paladin is really fun with melee. The Kyrian covenant is going to be so good with a glimmer build in Shadowlands. Even if it's not good, it will be fun.

    Resto shaman is good for ranged. Hunter is probably the only 4x combo I'd want to push dungeon content with.

    Otherwise, no, I mean I think you're either playing 4 tanks or you're playing 4 dps and a tank, with hunters being really the only exception. Once you get so high in content, you need a tank (unless hunter), and if you need a tank and don't want to play trinity, then you can't have a healer.
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    Hey smokingpanda,

    As pretty much everyone above has said ^.
    I'll just add that I find trinity groups pretty great because that allows you the option of driving from the tank or the healer. I do both all the time with my trinity teams, just depending on what boss/mechanics are currently being done.

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    I like the idea of Tank+3Hunters+Druid Trinity and running it as two quartets from a fight placement perspective...

    The first quartet of Tank+3Pets would be in the thick of it (and just one character target to heal though things if you can't move out of them)...

    The second quartet of DruidHealer+3Hunters would be at range moving as needed...

    To me it sounds like Druids are the most mobile Healers and Hunters are the most mobile DPS so together they should be the strongest for dealing with mechanics that require lots of movement.

    Class Fantasy-wise it should be fun to drive from the Tank PoV but being practiced at driving from both the Tank and the Healer are both likely wise and for movement heavy fights driving from the healer may be best and let your "uber Warlock like pet" Tank (& 3 Hunter Pets) be controlled remotely from the Healer in those scenarios...

    Sorry of none of that makes sense as my knowledge of recent Retail WoW boxing is limited at best... I stopped 5boxing & 10boxing WoW Retail in Cata and MoP killed things for me entirely... I only came back for Classic Warcraft but am thinking hard about ShadowLands... This Guide from this site's home page on Boxing Tank+3Hunters+Healer is the one that got me the most excited about going back to Retail...

    EDIT: Speaking of both Trinities and Quartets one other thing I like about the Tank+Healer+3Hunters is that it is a Quartet of Trinities... The entire team is a Trinity and it contains 3 mini-Trinities (as each BMHunter+Pet is a mini-Trinity)...
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    I love this idea but am worried about Shadowlands with the increased rez pet time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andreauk View Post
    I love this idea but am worried about Shadowlands with the increased rez pet time.
    If that becomes a big pain the Stone Hound Pet family can be instantly resurrected at full health once every 8 minutes (and has an auto 15 second 40% damage reduction and heal that kicks in at 40% health once every 2 mins). I would prefer to have Spirit Beasts but if dying is a regular issue then maybe Stone Hounds could be looked into.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andreauk View Post
    I love this idea but am worried about Shadowlands with the increased rez pet time.
    could be a blessing in disguise due to the way blizzard balances things terribly the first time through. What i mean is, if pets die in a group situation like raids then a hunters dps is in the dumpster and nobody would let a bm hunter in a group because they become such a liability. So hunters will complain and then blizzard, trying to save face for a bad decision, will make the pet unkillable tanking machines so that the 6 sec rez is never a problem and will continue to pat themselves on the back for the 6 sec rez change.

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