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    Is there a quicker way of trading between your group other than manually opening trade, placing items, accepting trade, and going over to the other character and accepting trade there? One common thing I do often is trade water from my Mage to my other ranged characters. I actually do this quite often so now I'm looking for a way to streamline the process. EMA has the trade functionality that after I initiate the trade through /trade will add the water to the window, but I still need to click trade and go to the other character and click trade. Does anyone have another way or are we limited by the trade security mechanism here? I am playing Classic by the way.


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    you can accept trades with a macro: you can search these forums for "accept all macro" and should be able to find it, this one is from 2012 so not sure if any parts of it are obsolete.

    /script RetrieveCorpse();RepopMe();AcceptQuest();ConfirmAc ceptQuest();StaticPopup_Hide("PARTY_INVITE");Stati cPopup_Hide("QUEST_ACCEPT");
    /run AcceptGroup();AcceptTrade();RetrieveCorpse();Confi rmReadyCheck(1);ConfirmSummon();StaticPopup_Hide(" CONFIRM_SUMMON");
    /console autointeract 1
    /click StaticPopup1Button1
    /click GossipTitleButton1
    /click TradeFrameTradeButton
    /click GuildInviteFrameJoinButton
    /click PetitionFrameSignButton

    #Quests - Those with "Item1" in the name will select a quest reward
    /click QuestFrameCompleteButton
    /click QuestInfoItem1
    /click QuestProgressItem1
    /click QuestFrameCompleteQuestButton
    /click QuestFrameAcceptButton

    #Accept battlefield ports
    /script AcceptBattlefieldPort(1,1);AcceptBattlefieldPort(2 ,1);AcceptBattlefieldPort(3,1);AcceptBattlefieldPo rt(4,1);

    #Lookingfordungeon accept
    /click LFDRoleCheckPopupAcceptButton
    /click LFDDungeonReadyDialogEnterDungeonButton
    /run LFGTeleport(IsInLFGDungeon())

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    I just have a temp mouse broadcast key so I:

    make water
    drag the water to the character I want to trade
    ctrl click trade button (ctrl is my temp broadcast) and it's done
    (and I have ema setup to trade cloth to tailers; ore to miner, leather to LW etc that happens automatically as I open trade)
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    Default might help with loading up the trade window.

    Then do something like this. Odd steps target a slot and use /trade macro. Even accepts trade on all slots.

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