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    Default Levelbuddy - easy multiboxing software for WoW

    This software is designed for casual players (not multiboxers). It gives a free and easy try of multiboxing in World of Warcraft and Classic.

    The key points of the software are:

    • Very light - just one exe without installation.
    • Easy to use - no setup at all.
    • Minimal WoW tuning - just make 2 macros, 1 keybind and you are ready to multibox.

    The program is free for playing less than 3,5 hours per day.

    For more information, go

    For requests and suggestions write there

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    How does the "for playing less than three and a half hours a day" part work?

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    Quote Originally Posted by luxlunae View Post
    How does the "for playing less than three and a half hours a day" part work?
    In trial mode, you have free 1-hour session. When it finished, you have free 50-minutes session, and so on.
    Next day you will have all these sessions again.

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    Default Version 2.3 "Shadowlands the Gathering" has been released!

    New features for the gathering:
    * You can use "Interact with Mouseover" keybind for gathering.
    * To broadcast a click, just press any modifier (alt/control/shift) and click.
    * Mouse broadcasting now works in windowed mode.

    Additional improvements:
    * The indication when paused (red text on the top of screen).
    * More named keys (including numpad).
    * Better distinction between a click and looking around.
    * Six month license.

    Also see new Gathering Guide for easy ways of gathering.

    Visit for download and details.

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    Maybe its just me, but I just don't like anything wow related with the name "buddy" in it. Especially anything software and wow related.

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    Not only you. Maybe it was the bad idea with such name, but it's too late.

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