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    Default P2.5 12/10... WSG & AV coming...

    Warsong Gulch and Alterac Valley Battlegrounds Open Week of December 10th.


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    Uff, not really happy with this fast .)

    It's gonna make clmibing super hard:P at least in world pvp :P unless they enable follow in bgs.P
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    same p2 was too early but maybe BGs will make leveling in the world easier/relieve some pressure.

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    For many people this is a welcome change.

    P2 was too early but now that it is here and it has basically messed up multiple servers such that they need some kinda fix...

    Pre-Launch I was mainly looking for BGs anyway so P2 was never my focus but frankly now that it is here it is much worse than I thought it would be. Since I am not an AoE class and on the smaller Faction it is a double whammy... For many the current WPVP meta just kinda sucks... No point in being a healer due to lag batching everything up and then people are just dead...

    Personally I would have just done WSG and held AV for a bit and maybe keep AV's release tied to BWL.
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    on vanilla i think you can follow at bgs or im wrong? i think they remove follow only at retail on some xpac?

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    Follow was disabled during beta in BGs.

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    We find out as far follow. It sucks P3 it's coming so fast BUT at least people will be grinding AV non stop where we can focus on some quests. It is pretty hard to quest during server busy hours. Ranking system is a bit easier in Classic than it was in Vanilla. Less grind I believe. People all ready reached rank 4. Which is nuts. Rank 2 gets you PVP Trinket, i suggest people get rank2 asap. Helps with gear as everyone knows.

    I Agree about lag but that also will help the lag in the open, maybe that's why they decided to release p3 so fast to prevent that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mercbeast View Post
    Follow was disabled during beta in BGs.
    them its not like it was in vanilla;/ maybe they change this on live?
    and at 120 lvl follow is broken also on open world pvp outside bg, on classic its not,maybe also on bg it will be on?
    on this post everyone think follow will be blocked anywhere but it was not.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sethlan View Post
    ... It sucks P3 it's coming so fast ...
    I think technically this will be a P2.5 if they still call BWL P3.

    Like how they called the release of DM P1.5 and kept the release of PVP rankings as P2...

    At least that is how I am tracking in on the Phases tab until we hear differently regarding BWL.

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    At this rate, we'll be in BC before I have my first team to 60. :P
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