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    Default Wow Classic - help with multiple sheep/other advice

    Hi all,

    I'm using the 7 day trial of ISboxer/inner space, first time back to wow since cata, first time ever doing multiboxing.

    I've got IWT worked out and healing down using clique that works well

    all lvl 14: I have a warrior tank, 3 mages, 1 priest

    last night i tried to do RFC, im single targeting with frostbolt, having trouble keeping aggro when its a group of 3 or 4, i'm bow pulling into a corner so all the ranged mobs group up on me, using shout and the thunderclap to get started, but anyway my question is how do i cast 2 or 3 sheeps easily to help?

    what else might be useful to a new user? i'm about an hour into MiRai's new 2 hour video tutorial watching as i have time, it has helped a lot.

    i bought a 48 key board to help with all the buttons i need, i made buttons for making water/food, eating/ to easily buff the group? what else would make my life easier? i currently have frostbolt set to "2" and just keep spam clicking it after tanks had the mobs for a few seconds.
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    Welcome to the club . New to multiboxing myself, but there is a lot of support to be found and it's a lot of fun once you've got the setup down and get to harness the power of an entire team.

    This video helped me a lot with my round robin Polymorph, Frost Nova, etc:

    I know there are some others out there as well... perhaps more in-depth even. Also I would check out the dual-boxing Discord for help if you are still having issues getting it to work. People in there have been very good with pointers and you can probably find someone running your comp specifically.

    I'm running Pal tank, 3x mage, and Pal healer myself and AOE threat hasn't been much of an issue since I got salvation. Generally I would say the Warrior takes more time to master and use effectively for AOE threat, but those who are running a Warrior tank have some big advantages. From the videos I've seen they often take a little longer on the setup and look to get a few shouts off before they start DPS. Then with Frost Nova holding the mobs in place they should be dead by the time you pull aggro, or you can just nova again with a different char.

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    There was a brief discussion in another thread yesterday that talked about an option for CC in the absence of focus (i.e. Classic).
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    I am running warrior priest and 3xmage and had alot of problems keeping aggro when aoeing, and was pointed in the direction of demo shout, when I precast demo 4-6 times I can easily aoe targets down.

    Single target i found that a mouse over mscro for sunder, revenge and taunt to be invaluable, so my selected tank target is the target the mages attack, while the tank still sounders and revenge other mobs to keep aggro on them.

    I still need to get multiple cc going aswell, someone mentioned the possibility of round Robin in isboxer on the mages cc, but how to resheep is something I am not sure has a convenient solution like focus tsrgeg.

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    I really miss having focus targets. I haven't set it up yet but my plan is to have a round robin sheep button as well as an individual button for each mage for assist+raid marker allowing me to sheep multiple things at once simultaneously.

    Something like:
    F1 = Mage 1 assist FTL + mark moon
    F2 = mage 2 assist FTL + mark square
    F5 = sheep cast on all mages

    Hopefully this would allow me to target 1 mob on leader > press f1 and get marker to confirm targetting on mage worked > target second mob on leader > press F2 > press F5 to sheep both at same time

    Not sure if this is the most practical way but it worked fairly well for me back in TBC although each button was setting a focus target so I could also resheep easily.
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    Default Spinx Focus (Classic)

    There is addon with some limitations, but it helps alot:

    Save "focus" for each toon like this:

    /script SetRaidTarget("target",7);
    /script SetRaidTarget("target",8);

    And cast any CC spell after this on each toon with macro:
    /click SFB
    /cast Polymorph

    Dont work with mobs with same names, but anyway it helps alot.

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    You are a genius, thanks for sharing the mouse over technique

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