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    Most of his threat in those videos is coming from the combined TPS caused by consumables, buffs and items like thunderfury/force reactive disk though. Ret aura, thorns, shield spikes, dragonbreath chili, etc. Demoralizing shout never caused enough threat to hold agro by itself.

    To the people saying Blizzard are "nerfing" things -- this is incorrect. They're fixing errors that weren't working correctly to begin with based on their reference server. Raid experience was being calculated incorrectly. Demo shout threat was being calculated incorrectly. These are fixes, not nerfs.

    If you've already started a team with a warrior tank and you're otherwise happy with it, don't reroll because of these changes. Once you have access to some of the higher level gear and the right consumables your AE TPS will be higher than it was spamming demo shout pre-fix.
    Just correcting him, he claims no one ever spammed demo shout for threat and he is just plain wrong. When the pulls are big, it is still way worth it. I am still able to do it post nerf, no extra hit threat. I don't think a lot of the stuff in his video will work, I have already seen some stuff take prio over thorns for example, and then thorns has no effect.
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