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    Default Looting help please

    Hey guys,

    Any help would be greatly appreciated! So I seem to be doing pretty good now im all setup but I still have a frustrating issue of needing to click every mob after killing them to send my interact key for the party members to pickup loot and then wait for them to loot before I press the keybind to refollow all my minions. Any better ways of doing this? Also sometimes my followers fail to loot and I need to press the interact key again, is that normal?

    Like I said, any tips would be greatly appreciated!


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    I have follow bound to one of my mouse buttons on the side.. makes life much easier

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    Yep, that's about normal for me too, catbert. If I'm too spammy on the IWT button after a kill, the corpse will occasionally bug with the "I can't loot that yet" error. Pretty rare if I'm not being a spaz.
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    Quote Originally Posted by luxlunae View Post
    wait what... interact is working?
    Yes it is. Just set your keybind, if you use an exclusive combo, and you are good to go.
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    also unless it’s one of the far too rare multi drop quest item but using FFA avoids needing to loot with more than 1
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    I made an IWT loot macro.

    Go into your target hotkeys in WoW, set mouseover IWT to a key. Then make an isboxer IWT key action that uses that key. Now you can mouseover loot and mash that key and your minions will run around looting. Bonus if you use a repeating hotkey via a gaming mouse or something, then you don't need to spam it, you can just hold it down and mouse over stuff like its a magic wand.

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    I keep getting an annoying bug - the loot box will get stuck showing no loot after I have taken it, and when I try to skin the corpse it tells me someone is already looting that item, even if I force close the loot windows first.

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    I stopped using wow autoloot, and just the EMA autoloot, and I'm not sure if ive noticed it happen since.

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    I think many of us are getting around any concerns like this by setting loot in our party to 'Free for All' (FFA) and then looting from the character we are driving from. This bypasses IWT issues and works great with the downside of needing to do bulk trades periodically to free up the main character's bags to one of the other characters. Even though I have thought about avoiding (or at least minimizing) these bulk trades by switching to other characters quickly in ISboxer to loot from them I typically don't and just use my main driving character till he is full (he has the best bags in the party) and then quickly bulk trade to others...

    One approach that could be more optimal would maybe be an Mouse-over IWT that round-robins sending slots to loot though that doesn't guarantee that the bags fill uniformly... Alternatively (or in conjunction) maybe an mouse-over IWT with a slot modifier could be used to send specific slots to loot.

    Regardless I am pretty happy with the 'FFA' looting from my main toon as it is simple and effective and all from my one window. When I do the trades I do actually care which toons get what as I:
    • feed all mining/blacksmithing/engineering related stuff one slot,
    • all herbalism/alchemy related stuff to one slot,
    • all disenchanting/scrolls/buffs/patterns stuff to one slot,
    • prioritize potions/food/water to one slot, and lastly
    • spread cloth/vendor-trash to fill up gaps in the above slots...

    I keep going till pretty much totally full with no more room even after disenchanting what I can then I go vendor everything I can and then head to the bank. At the bank I log each toon one by one and my 5 slot trades to my 4slot bank alts, 4 trades to 3, 3 to 2, 2 to 1, and cloth goes on 5 and 1 (and then anywhere else I have room). 1 slot is also my main bank toon and auction alt and my highest tailor. Bank-alt-wise I have at least 3 alts currently dedicated per slot though my 4th and 5th teams have their bank slots filled with mats as well (but their inventories mainly clear as I am leveling them periodically when I can get +200% rested XP bonus).

    The one thing that would make things idea for me (and I think others) would be auto acceptance of trades in EMA Classic party (already requested in the EMA-Classic thread (if doable)).
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