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    The developers seem to have just started working on this.

    They'd like you to post your experiences here:

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    I wrote 10 bug reports. On every account one. Maybe that helped a bit. Now follow is working the same in Nazjatar WITH the followers active as in other Zones. Didnt expect this.


    Hunters are completely broken regarding PvP. I also wrote bug reports because of IWT with Hunters, Mages, Warlocks and Priests. Maybe they have done something by now, didnt play them for months. Write a report, make a copy, paste it to all accounts, send all at the same time with mouse broadcast. I had no problems with that till now (i was a little bit worried that someone from Blizz could see it as spam)

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    I didn't notice the follow bug myself initially on Naz because if you use the hivemind mount it helps negate this problem, but holy cow on a different team I was stuck in pvp forever and basically just turned off pvp mode until I fix that team to also have the hivemind mount.

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