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    Default No follow after PvP in Nazjatar

    Today i discovered that it is only my Problem -.-
    Since 8.2 if i do PvP in Nazjatar then i have to relog to get follow working again. In Mechagon its working as normal. After some seconds follow starts to kick in and after 5 to 10 seconds its working normal again. In Nazjatar follow stops completely.

    But today i saw another Multiboxer with normal follow behaviour in Nazjatar after he killed me with his 24 Chars . I managed it to kill him with my 10 Chars a few times weeks ago. Its a war we have, he started it in legion killing with his 24 Chars my 5 Chars back then . So, i cant ask him. He refused it to add him as a friend back then.

    Someone has an idea why my follow stops completely and other multiboxer can play in Nazjatar with follow and warmode on? Like Malseph. His follow seems to work BfA normal in Nazjatar.

    I tested all Network Settings in WoW Options. Its everytime the same.

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    I've had this issue as well in Naz and Mechagon. Only relogging can sort it.

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    Hmm strange ... for me its working in Mechagon. And for the other Multiboxer its working in Nazjatar. I have talked to a GM 1 Minute ago and he couldnt help me. I was expecting this. I should submit a Bugreport. I dont think that it will do something

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    Same here, I think it's because of the Nazjatar followers.

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    i have this happen with my "pets" or totems so am 99% sure "npc followers" they seem to get suck in combat for no reason i guess its till to pull out the IWT pets!

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    I'll echo Ebs here. I've had this issue consistently on my ranged team for the whole expansion. Even hearthing does not make you drop PVP combat. I doubt it's likely to receive a fix since we're basically the only ones that will ever encounter the issue.

    It does appear to affect hunters commonly, but oddly I never had any issues on my Unholy DKs and their pets.

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    I was reading about this issue on some of the forums for regular players as well playing just 1 character. The thought was that you were somehow tagged in combat with npc's fighting each other. I haven't been to the zone yet though.

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    Totems in general this patch, my shaman is always one of the last to come out of combat in my team. Repeatedly ran off mounted with the shaman trying to catch up.

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    It was because of the followers in Nazjatar -.-. I dont know how long i still will be multiboxing this game. Its becoming worse and worse.

    But this doesnt explain Lance's Problems in Mechagon. Which classes do you Play?

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