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    Quote Originally Posted by MiRai View Post
    Hunters turn when they're:

    A) Outside of auto-shoot range
    B) In melee range

    Otherwise, they do nothing.

    I'm with Jabberie, though, as I feel B is somewhat new behavior with everyone talking about how Survival Hunters weren't useful in melee range.

    EDIT: Actually, I think they've always turned while in melee range, it's just that they don't run toward their target outside of auto-shoot range, which is what makes them much less desirable as a melee-focused class.
    This is the range required to get a hunter to turn face with IWT. I might consider adding them to the melee ATG as well.
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    This is why I HIGHLY recommend at least one melee for every group. So that the melee can guide the ranged with follow.

    I have two follow keys. Follow master and follow melee. So long as they are reasonably close it works well.

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    Most of the time if I have them follow the tank they turn back towards the mobs ish. If not, I back them up (back arrow).

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