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    Default cannot get HKN to send keystrokes for wow

    I'm trying to set up HKN for the first time and I copied the sample duel-boxing script from the site, i've launched both wows and HKN and I get to the part where I press "ctrl-r" "ctrl-r" "ctrl-t" to rename the windows, it successfully renames the windows but when I try to do anything its not sending the keystrokes to either copy of wow

    not sure what I did but now the 2nd account is getting keystrokes but the main account is not

    got it fixed the script i was useing was not properly recognizing the window
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    I'm curious how you fixed your problem?

    am just getting back into it as well, and am having to rename both windows manually from the HKN app, the scripted function will work but keypresses will not pass through to the other window. I'm not sure if its my script or what.

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