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    Default HotKeyNet stopped working since Patch 8.0.1

    Hello fellow Multi-box'ers.
    I'm new to this forum, cuz I usually don't have any problems with HotKeyNet.
    My setup is 2 accounts on 2 computers (sometimes 3, when i borrow my sons account and laptop) and I have never had any issues getting the scripts to work, the way I intend.
    But since Patch 8.0.1, the Battle for Azeroth Prepatch, HotKeyNet dosen't work anymore.
    Does any1 else, using this program, experience the same issue or is it just on my system ?
    What I can tell, is when the programs are running on both machines, there is no errors and all keystrokes gets registred. Though, whenever a key is pressed on the server computer, the client computers "World of Warcraft"-window gets deselected and the desktop recieve the commands. And when i hit "Space"-key, the "World of Warcraft"-window just closes, without warning.
    I can for the life of God, not figure out wth is causing this.
    Any1 else ??

    Yours truely

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    Found the thread where the same issue popped up with Patch 7.2.
    It seems 2 windows opens named "World of Warcraft" when you launch the game, where 1 of the windows are hidden, invisible or what ever.
    This especially seems to be supported by the fact that a renaming command needs to be executed twice, b4 the gaming window is renamed.
    I added this renaming command to my script:

    <Hotkey ScrollLockOn Ctrl R>
    <SendPC local>
    <RenameWin "World of Warcraft" WoW1>
    <RenameWin "World of Warcraft" WoWa>
    <SendPC "PC 2 IP address">
    <RenameWin "World of Warcraft" WoW2>
    <RenameWin "World of Warcraft" WoWb>

    This way the hidden windows get named WoW1 on Server PC and WoW2 on the Client PC.
    The gaming windows are renamed Wowa on Server PC and WoWb on Client PC. I didnt bother renaming them again, it's
    not needed, I just send the keystrokes to WoWa and WoWb. It works again.
    Thanks to muldorante for identifying the core issue.

    Yours truely

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