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    I just jump to clear afk,, doesn't that work in warfronts?

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    Ive yet to have this issue, but way back, if you got rapported afk, you had to get back into combat within a short timer, or else you got booted out of the bg. If i recall, it was a countdowntimer on the debuff you got. No idea if thats the case nowdays.
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    Testet it again. As long as my slaves are in the "background" they automaticaly get the afk flag. it doesnt matter if they receive any keymaps or something while following. Yeah broadcast jumping solves the problem.Sure it does.Thats not the point =) . I tend to forget it hehe. Dont want to be in the heat of battle and wuuush...4 chars leave instance for beeing afk flagged because i forgot to friggin jump at times *G*

    In isboxer there is the character set option "make game believe its foreground window.....". I left this unchecked since forever. Never used it. Perhaps that could fix it? Do you guys have the option activated?

    Quote Originally Posted by MiRai View Post
    I don't think I have an answer, but I'm also not sure I follow what you're saying. Which are you saying, if any:

    A) Your slaves are getting flagged for being AFK even though they're performing actions and attacking enemy units.
    B) Your slaves, after receiving the AFK flag, can no longer attack and therefore cannot clear said flag.
    C) Your slaves are on follow and are doing nothing, and they are getting flagged for being AFK.
    Option A
    As long the toons are not on the main window they get afk flag. Doesnt matter if the attack something..performing macros or using skills...they. go.afk. =)
    I know i only have to broadcast something manualy like a jump to fix this. But thats not a solution.

    Perhaps you can "expand" the "auto assist keymap" for example. Like a "do a step forward" step to prevent getting the afk flag. Have to think about that =)
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    "Afk flag" got nothing to do with being "afk" /afk command if they added a auto afk kicking system it be like the ones in bgs etc... that be a new 5 sec buff before u get booted with or without /afk.... before your name

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    The afk battleground system never really worked well for battlegrounds where PvE can happen, for example the mines in AV. Yes the guy sitting at the graveyard for the last several minutes is AFK but not the guy doing the mine, hes too far away from the fighting to clear the afk flag when reported.

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    Wow has always been like this for as long as i can remember: if you dont do any movement within "5 min", you will go afk. If you then stay afk for around 30 min, you will get logged out of the game.

    There are times where i ride around and they do go afk, but its just a simple jump to remove this. Ofc, if you do this while in a bg, the system will register you as litterarly afk, and kick you earlier (would be unfair for the others beeing forced to wait 25 min for you to get kicked). So if you are flagged afk and then people report you afk.. you could be booted out very fast.

    Just have names displayed above the heads of characters, on, on your main atleast, and its veeeeery easy to see when a clump of characters behind you is turning "afk" = you need to jump.

    Doesnt EMA / jamba already also have this feature, to warn you if a character go not home, so cant check.

    Just sound like you should pick up the habbit of jumping a bit more in general

    Aha... a hotfix just in....


    Players who are Away From Keyboard will now be automatically removed from the Warfront.

    Jump more often.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dreadone View Post
    I know i only have to broadcast something manualy like a jump to fix this. But thats not a solution.
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    To my question:

    In isboxer there is the character set option "make game believe its foreground window.....". I left this unchecked since forever. Never used it. Do you guys have the option activated?

    Or is that option a gimmik needed for another mmo?

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    Did a WF on lunch there, maybe it's because I run trinity and basically cap nodes but I don't know how you could ever get flagged afk. there is always some sort of movement or jump or something required.

    I'll test out just using GSE tonight to see if they go afk only mashing my dps button.

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