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Thread: I have a dream!

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    Default I have a dream!

    It's probably not a realistic dream

    So, I have a 'dream' that dream is to a finish a Mythic raid with nothing but my own team while its current, I'm not talking about smashing it in the first or even the second week, but, it has to beaten while 20 characters controlled by myself before the next tier comes out - so, i'm wondering, what do you guys and girls think the best possible comp is for a 20 multibox in a raid environment, that's accounting for minimal movement, as much mechanic ignore as possible but still being able to do the encounter.

    So far the only comp i've come up with is

    3x Tanks (probably 3x paladins or 3x blood dks)
    5x Healers
    12x Affliction warlocks (or 12x Moonkins)

    (affliction warlocks for obvious reasons)

    not planning on this anytime soon, this would literally take a few tiers to setup.

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    As with everything in life, practice can make perfect.

    Try setup a 5man and do dungeons and later mythic 5 mans.

    If you master the healing, individual movements needed, cleansing, decurseing etc, then you are ready to go with a 10man (or whatever you want to try on normal or heroic). Interups are easy, the roundrobin works well.

    Now you need to master playing two tanks, sometimes 3(!) (mythic) at the same time, getting rid of and gaining debuffs as needed to prevent them beeing oneshotted... this is going to be increasingly harder it seems, as a "taunt" wont let grab aggro in the next patch it seems (lmao).

    Going to be a pain in the A to setup extra macroes/keybinds to choose who can dps now and who cant, so that "tank nr 2" can grab aggro in time next. Sometimes you need multiple characters to quickly stack up and spread aswell. Spreading isnt hard, getting all of a a sudden toon 3, 9 and 15 to stack is. Sometimes you dont have much leeway, they pretty much have to move in sync pronto, or else one or two dies.

    You are going to be needing a smal metric ton of macroes for some bosses, and you wont have the room to create these ingame, so i hope you know how to setup macros in isboxer.

    If you have the time and will, it would be a immense challenge. I dont know a single other person that have killed more than a couple bosses on mythic, while its relevant content.

    Also, you might want to run more characters that can go healing if need be. The more the merrier i guess. Certainly atleast up to 7-8. Always handy to have.
    3 tanks is enough.
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    Mythic does not seem realistic, no. But as the above post says, work on 5 man groups first and then work your way through 10 mans. 10 man heroic (current tier) is definitely an accomplishment itself.

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    I'd start with :: Clear 20boxing normal raids >> push into heroic >> push into mythic.
    Start with obtainable goals that you can push, before you just go NOPE STEP Z I WANT STEP Z

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    If you meant current expansion I would call that realistic, but current tier sounds like a lot of work.

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    I don't really have much to add that you already don't know. But if you attempt it keep us updated please as I really enjoy reading/watching it all.

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