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    I'm kinda with MiRai on this one (although I'll allow LED's as long as I can dim them to an acceptable level/disable them).

    I have a mouse (a G300s currently), which has 9 buttons if you believe the marketing blurbs. I use 3 of them. Left click/Right click. The 3rd one is the DPI change button, for when I've somehow changed it and need to change it back again. Oh, and the wheel up/down.

    For the other hand, I have a G13 for gaming which gives me access to multiple keys very easily, along with various modifiers, or even a complete keyboard output shift, if desired.

    I also use a G910+ for normal stuff, which has 6 macro keys, which I do have setup for various functions, but they mainly get used for testing configuration items before I push them out.

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    I've used both Naga and Logitech MMO mice. I found the naga impossible to learn (you basically need to keep the temporary guides on permanently and they aren't really intended to be used that way), logitech slants them slightly so it is easy to distinguish between rows and use them. I love them for additional click heals, fishing, speed boost / autorun, mount and ground effect clicking (its more intuitive to me to use the mouse hand to lay ground effects or heals than a keyboard click then a mouse click).

    I hate razor software, I'd choose logitech or corsair any day. Also, mechanical and you won't go back.

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    I have big hands and used oldschool logitech mices for a long time.
    Around 2 years ago though i found a new match in heaven, its these:

    If you have small hands, you might be able to use those other "mmo" mices with lots of sidebuttons, like the naga. Im not able to sadly.

    My best advice is to actually try the mouse you want before you decide to buy / keep it.

    Regarding keyboards, just get any decent mechanical switches you can afford.
    If you want to get picky: there are switches that activates with a featherlight touch (very handy for stand still farm..hehe, as the less effeort it takes, the less strain on your fingers/arms. Some makes lots of noise when you press, some are near silent. Do some research on the possible switches you can get hold of.
    Sometimes, if your most desired keyboard isnt possible to get, you can buy just 1 single key or so, and replace it for only your "most used buttons / farm buttons". Trust me, you want "feather light" switches on those, or else you will hurt extra much after hours of buttonmashing.

    Thery also sell "mechanichal switch testers" online, so you can test them out before you commit to actually buying a keyboard type.

    Keyswitch video (yay its updated)
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