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    Thumbs up Multiboxers killed Gul'dan!

    Hello all!
    Just finished an epic night with Munile and Ebony.

    We did EN first without any problems, obviously it was a bit outgeared.
    Afterwards we continued our way to The Nighthold.
    It was challenging and we came across some bosses where we actually needed to make a tactic and follow tgeneral tactics like kill adds firsts.

    Team setup: Ebony with 5 druids = 4 dps 1 healer/ sometimes switched to tank if needed.
    Munile with 4 shammy's and 1 protection paladin= if i'm not mistaken all shammy's were enhancement.
    Myself with 5 druids = 1 healer 1 tank 3 dps.

    Very fun night and i'd like to thank them both again for this event!

    Best regards to all!

    Multiboxing 10 accounts!
    2 mistweaver monks - 8 Elemental shamans

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    thanks was defo a good night!

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    Very cool
    Do not send me a PM if what you want to talk about isn't absolutely private.
    Ask your questions on the forum where others can also benefit from the information.

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    Seems like i cannot upload the picture ..
    but here's an imgur link

    Multiboxing 10 accounts!
    2 mistweaver monks - 8 Elemental shamans

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    Which difficulty was this? ive been killing guldan on normal mode all on my own since the 3rd reset he came out. Still no green mount drop I tried heroic mode but found it too hard to be worth my time.

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    I did some 5 boxing of normal NH on my superpower Blood DK + RSM + 3* Affliction. Managed to get through the first leg and then had to call it on the next set. Too much lacking to do it 5/10.

    I played with the idea of adding another 5 just to really entertain the idea of doing 10 man raids. Thought better of it though. Too much work with 10.

    GZ though. I love seeing activity in PvE.

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    The bosses gain a fair bit of extra stamina as you add more characters. When i first f.ex went from 10 to 15, the difficulty went up quite noticably. Need to know mechanics a lot better from that point onwards.

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    It's never too late! =D Blood & Plunder has done the same! Introducing team 2!

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