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    Hi guys,

    I have a Logitech G600 and the scroll wheel tilt click and middle mouse click has stopped functioning (everything else works fine) so I'm looking to replace it but before I do so I want to see if there are any other options. Playing MMOs I do need all the buttons, and I certainly use even more than are there which is why the most important factor to me is to have a secondary modifier button which on the G600 is the G-Shift key (I also like that the g-shift key has its own key function in ISBoxer so it doesn't need a keyboard bind for those keys). I have small to medium hands so the G600 is actually a little large for me and I did find some that might fit me better but without the modifier. The only other mouse I've found that has a modifier button is the roccat nyth (and even that isn't the same, it's really just a shift key) but I don't see anything really valuable about that over the G600, especially considering it's nearly double the price on amazon.

    Before I pick up another G600 I'd like to know if I'm missing any other mice (with all the buttons of the G600 namely the 12 side grid buttons) that have a modifier button, doubling the number of keys. Would also be nice to find a mouse with other nice aspects for me such as a bit smaller, mechanical keys etc.

    Thank You
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    I personally like my g600 and would replace it with same.

    For years I used the logitec mx518, which was great until I played Tera and I needed more mouse buttons because of how I like to play and the way that spells are (were?) ground cast in that game. My first mmo mouse was a razr naga and I HATED it. The size and weight were fine but the buttons are impossible to find without the "temporary training" nubs... that of course then eventually fall off. The subtle tilt to the side buttons on the g600 are vastly superior for making distinctions that become intuitive.

    I have small hands (being female) and don't agree that the g600 is too big... but I don't actually use the gshift key, as that would what, require a "grip" to trigger it and a button at the same time, which would feel weird. So that may be why we disagree.

    My major hate for the naga comes from how obnoxious I found their software (compared to years of having used logitec for keyboard/mouse and corsair for keyboard). It seemed like every time I opened it it was trying to update its stupid social networking capability or whatever it was. It was also just clunkier than logitec for getting macros/keybinds into it.

    My one complaint about the g600 software is that I wish there was a way to make a profile a single profile (for an application) rather than all of them being triples. It is annoying to attempt a keybind and have it fail because it is on one of the other two profiles that I don't use. I get that it is great to have options, but as all of my custom key needs are met by auto switching program profiles, having the manual switch once or twice a day as well is slightly annoying.* I could solve this by duplicating every profile across all three colors but I am not annoyed enough to go through that process.

    *Just for clarification this is usually not while gaming, it is almost always when I try to copy paste something and my copy paste keys aren't active.

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    I use the G502 mouse. I do not use the mice with all the buttons, too awkward and unnecessary with the extra buttons on the G710+ keyboard.

    Lately I have been sticking with Logitech because of the software. Lux mentioned the bad part of razer mouse is the software, but Logitech is moving in that direction as well and you need an account and all that social crap.

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    Thanks guys/gals. Between what I could (and I guess couldn't) find myself, this thread and a thread on OCN it seems there really arent any more options given my parameters so I'll just grab another G600.

    I do agree the mouse tilt click is nice and never really gets in the way, only clicks when want it too. Also the software is pretty good, few suggestions id have but overall it does most of what i want.

    I've had really good luck with logitech products in the past. One keyboard i had lasted for hmm at least 10 years before i finally spilled something on it, and even then it still worked everywhere except where it was spilled on haha. But this G600 I've only had for 2 maybe 3 years and the mouse wheel button is gone in those areas. Almost thinking i should pick up 2.

    @John I also have the G710+ keyboard and yeah, still not enough buttons for me

    Thanks again

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