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    jamba + Blizzard auto loot. Not had any problems. in the beginning of BfA 1 or 2 could dc if there was too many lootitems but that is all.
    22 x 5-toon teams on Silvermoon EU

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    Quote Originally Posted by ebony View Post
    EMA loot with blizzard auto loot
    Works great now ! Dont need the addon AutoLootPlus anymore

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    bobsFastloot seems to have disappeared?
    Doing my best to get motivated for the WoW Headless Horseman mount hunt of 2013... so far failing. and now in 2018, let's see about those HH mounts! [Edit: Actually got an HH mount in 2018... on separate account 6. One to go!]

    I multibox because I have no time, have a life, have a job and[/or] money and have little patience for drama and temper tantrums. -- heffner

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    I tried to find bob today and couldn't. What are people doing now?

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