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    Quote Originally Posted by luxlunae View Post
    Wow! I used simple numpad healing back when I was on AHK but the way this maps to grid is beautiful and brilliant. The part that blows my mind is also using numpad to swap directly to that swap. That must be very intuitive for wipe recovery.
    I'm glad you like it!

    I have some other bindings left to apply on numpad. Specifically rez and some other class specific things like bloodlust.

    The issue now is my healing team being two shamans. Loads of tools to help a raid. But specifically I now setup a specials. CTRL + ALT + X is now specials and that applies to things like:

    DK: Gorefiend's grasp.
    RSHM: Spirit Link Totem + Healing Tide
    Warlock: Shadowfury (Previously howl of terror)

    I forgot to mention that one.

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    This is pretty much what i use across all my teams, i also have a faded bar that holds things i broadcast for things like dropping and raising render scale etc
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    Quote Originally Posted by MiRai View Post
    I've been using this layout for years now, for all of my characters.

    There are four empty buttons and several things hidden behind modifier macros.

    Mine is similar to this but I have a few others.

    I consolidate DPS down to two keys with gnome sequencer ST (single-target) and AoE. So it reads like:

    Top left is consumeables.
    Bottom left is emote bar (isboxer).
    Left vertical is ST, AoE, BURST, SV (survive) gnome sequencer rotation block. Followed by CC options CTRL, nomod, ALT, SHIFT "[" = focus, "]" = target.
    Cooldowns on the vertical right.

    That's basically my layout now.
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    Hotkeys I use are I use 1 through 6, QERFC and then 3 through 12 on my Naga. The 1 key on my Naga is set to shift so I can press it in conjunction with all of my other keys to get Shift+1, Shift+Q, etc. and the 2 key is set to control for the same reason. That gives me 33 unique key options so I never have to take my hand off my primary controls or mouse.

    My action bars are visible but I never even look at them. All of my hotkeys are pretty similar between teams (CC, interrupt, ST, AE and so on.) All of my important cooldowns or timers from all of my characters are displayed together in a separate DXNothing window to the side of my primary display. The only bar I actually use is for temporary stuff like quest items and consumables.
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