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    Default Smoldering Ember Wyrm

    I never bothered to try to reach Nightbane when Return to Karazhan first opened so I do not know if it was difficult or not. But at iLvl 900 its pretty much a cake walk. The mount dropped first clear.

    So if you haven't bothered to get the mount yet here's a couple links with tips.
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    Okey, so I just did this as well. No problems as 5 BDKs 930-940 ilvl, could essentially ignore everything. Spend most of the time figuring out where the crystals to click were and what route I should be taking. Always had a good 6-7 minutes to spare when I reached the next one.

    Never bothered to learn how to get it before; not like I would have used it, but I'll take it for the collection.

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