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    Default Having lots of issues getting started.

    I recently decided to switch to using ISBoxer instead of HKN. I've gone ahead and followed guides to a T trying to set it up to open up my accounts using the bnet launcher. So I have gone through the set up wizard then exported to inner space. However when I select my character set I've gotten many different errors. Sometimes it opens up the launcher and tells me I need to update wow even though I know it's up to date. Other times it allows me to log in to the two accounts but when in game I have no overlays. Another time I selected play and it just freezes there saying it's launching. Lastly it won't even open up the launcher but in my task manager I notice a background process of "World of Warcraft Setup (32bit)" pop up. Nothing else happens.

    I've tried finding answers to these issues but every answer I have seen and tried to do doesn't seem to change anything. It's just odd seeing as I haven't changed how I am setting up the character set but I am getting many different errors. So I just have no clue what's going wrong.

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    I have managed to get it to work 100% without the launcher but I'd love to be able to use the launcher and skip having to enter passwords.

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    You know you can open all of your instances and broadcast type your passwords so you only have to do it once, right?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ughmahedhurtz View Post
    You know you can open all of your instances and broadcast type your passwords so you only have to do it once, right?
    Personally, I find it way quicker to just launch the game clients directly rather than use the launcher, simply for the reason you have stated.

    For everyone else, there is now an open thread on the ISBoxer forum.
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    I'm lazy and have my password recorded as G1 on my keyboard. With authentication I don't even worry about it, and I think I've sent it into chat maybe once in 5 years.

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