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    Hey everyone.
    Just getting back into boxing and have been leveling my first team through legion. Does anyone know which zones have the best quest lines for boxing? eg: ones with the least amount of collection quests ect.

    Picked azuna for my first zone and I can tell you so far I wont be doing it on my other teams lol.

    Thanx for any help. and yes I know invasions are faster but i'm seldom online when one is up

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    I don't think you really have a choice, do you? Don't you need to, at minimum, complete all of the storyline quests in each of the zones? At the moment, I can't recall if there were any major changes to all of that or not.

    I guess if you had heirlooms that would speed the leveling process up, but I've not leveled with those yet in Legion, so I can't honestly say.
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    As far as I know you don't need to complete all the zones at least I haven't had to with other chars (they are still able to make it to broken shore/argus). I think completing the story line quests in each zone was needed for flying?? been awhile since I got that on my main account.

    I've found with heirlooms that I only need to complete 1 and 3/4 zones to make it to 110. Ill keep plugging away at different zones with my different teams and ill keep track of which zones are better than others. So far I Defiantly would not recommend Azuna.

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    If you don't care about it taking more than a week you can just do invasions, about a zone a day and less than an hour.

    That's what I did for a pair that also did maybe a zone. Some world quests are available some are not but Argus definitely is.

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    I did Highmountain and val'sharah or whatever it's called. I got through both and did the zone end quests without much of a problem. Most of the quests phase you together. However, in highmountain there is a quest that wants you to accompany ebonhorn into the deathwing cavern thing. This quest is special because it gives you followers per character, and with 5 of them you can get 500k extra dps. I ran a loop around where the elite etins are outside of the cave, and was getting a level every 35ish minutes grinding them with rested experience and heirlooms. You can grind here till 110 too.

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