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    Default Crusader Strike breaks follow?


    i started multiboxing like 2 weeks ago.

    My expirience with isboxer is fine overall, i also used it for years now to multibox eve online.
    I leveled up a hunter team and basicly everything was working fine, now i started a paladin team and i noticed that every time i used crusader strike on my alts while they are following my main character, the tether breaks.

    Is this normal or do i have a weird setting somewhere? i havent finetuned my keyboard layout much, its basicly just the following and broadcasting of the hotkey that the wizard set me up.

    Is there some way around this, it is getting annoying pretty quick having to retether the team after every mob. I could probably get around it with a macro but im not that expirienced with macros yet. im just asking because crusader strike has no casting time, so i dont really understand why the tether is breaking? it also doesnt break 100% of the time, usually one or two toons are left behind.

    Does someone have expirienced something simular and might have some tipps for me?

    Best Regards

    Sorry for my bad english folks :P

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    All melee combat and channeling spells break combat.

    To work around this, you can either:

    1) Continue pressing your interact key.
    2) Continue pressing your follow key to keep your melee characters in melee range.
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    You can also turn on jamba strobe so that it automatically pulses follow after combat. Sometimes it will be buggy and make your toons follow each other when you don't want, resulting in painful headaches and whiplash as it fights you every. single. second. for control of your toon. Use with caution! For minimum headache, only enable the jamba follow stroby part of the addon on slaves not master.

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