As recently discussed in our WoW General forum thread Help me choose a realm to prepare for WoD + community events, we have officially chosen two servers in the same Cross-Realm Zone (CRZ) block to host both an Alliance guild and a Horde guild called Multiboxer.

Our Alliance guild is on Sargeras, and our Horde guild is on Bleeding Hollow.
Here is the current list of US Realms connected to these two:
Bleeding Hollow
Black Dragonflight/Gul'dan/Skullcrusher
Auchidoun/Cho'gall/Laughing Skull
Deathwing/Executus/Kalecgos/Shattered Halls
Blackwing Lair/Dethecus/Detheroc/Haomarush/Lethon/Shadowmoon
Alterac Mountains/Balnazzar/Gorgonnash/The Forgotten Coast/Warsong
Agamaggon/Archimonde/Jadenar/The Underbog
Burning Legion
If you make a team on any of these servers, you can probably join our guild, and/or join us for world PVP and community events!

See the following post for more information:
US PvP - (H) Bleeding Hollow - (A) Sargeras - Multiboxer:'s "Multiboxer" Guilds looking for more!