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    Default Adv Healing w/ISBoxer + Repeater Regions + HealBot

    THE GOAL be able to setup repeater regions with automatically "held down" modifiers passed through with my clicks to ease the use of HealBot (or any other similar addon), with the additional requirement of making repeater regions easier to see (you will see why this is semi-important).

    I wanted my setup to have 3 repeater regions. The 1st with no modifier, the 2nd with "SHIFT" and the 3rd with "CTRL". This would allow me to mouse over each of the regions and just "click" without actually holding down any of the modifier keys (or keys I mapped to them) on my keyboard. As far as changing the look of the repeater regions, just a nice solid border of some kind would be fine for me.

    Here is the "end result" ingame:

    DISCLAIMER: I am operation under the assumption that you know how to setup HealBot in-game and how to sort the column to your liking (which is required to make this effective).

    CREDIT: Props to Poyzon for being my cohort in figuring this stuff out and coming up with the original idea, and to Lax for pointing me in the right direction for the XML.


    • Setting up ISBoxer Modifier Keymaps
      • Open ISBoxer and expand "Key Maps" in the top panel
      • Click on "General" under "Key Maps" in the top panel
      • In the bottom left panel, right click on "Mapped Keys" and select "New Mapped Key" (I named my 1st one "Shift")
      • In the bottom left panel, leave the Hotkey empty, and select "On" from the "Holy any Keystroke Actions" dropdown box.
      • Expand the "Steps" under your new Mapped Key and click on "1".
      • In the bottom right panel, right-click on Actions and click on "Keystroke Actions -> New Keystroke Action"
      • Change the "Target" to one of your preference. I use "Window All w/o Current" for the time being because I am leveling a Pally + 4 Shaman and I like them all to cast heals. You may want to limit it to a specific character if you box with a dedicated healer.
      • Set the "Key Combination" to just "Shift".
      • I normally left-click back on "Actions" so the text of my action will auto-update and I can be sure I did it right.
      • Repeat the above steps for a 2nd "Mapped Key" but call this one "Ctrl" and set the "Key Combination" to just "Ctrl".
      • You should now have 2 new "Mapped Keys" under "General" that look similar to this:

    • Changing the Look of Repeater Regions (Advanced Users Only - BACKUP ALL FILES)
      • This process will require editing the {ISBoxer Install Path}\InnerSpace\Scripts\isboxerui.xml file. On Windows 7 being able to make/save changes to this file required me to "Take Ownership" of the file. I assume this requirement would hold true for Vista as well. I am not sure if there would be any problem in XP.

        To add a "Take Ownership" command to your right-click file context menu in Windows 7 or Vista go here.

        Also be sure all of your WoWs are closed during this process.
      • Open up the above mentioned file in your favorite text editor (Notepad works fine)
      • Fine the "frame block" that starts with "<frame name='isboxerrepeaterregion'>" (around line 354)
      • Inside this block change the value of <Border>0</Border> to <Border>1</Border>
      • The value of the <BackgroundColor></BackgroundColor> has 8 characters, the 1st 2 correspond to the "Alpha" (transparency) of the background of repeater regions and the last 6 correspond to the RGB color. Since my goal is to have a border, a background was not needed. I changed the value of mine from <BackgroundColor>33333333</BackgroundColor>to <BackgroundColor>00333333</BackgroundColor>.
      • After the above modified "BackgroundColor" line, add a new line. On this line put <BorderColor>55FFFFFF</BorderColor>. This will create a semi-transparent white border. As with the above setting, the 55 is the level of transparency (up to FF, which is solid) and the "FFFFFF" is the RBG hex value for white. Feel free to change your alpha levels and color as needed, these worked fine for me.
      • You should now have these lines the above mentioned block:

      • Before you go on to the next step, save and close this file. Then in ISBoxer (making sure ALL of your WoWs are closed) to a File -> Save and a File -> Export All to InnerSpace. Then via your preferred method startup your Character Set that you want the new repeater regions for.

    • Setting Up Repeater Regions in WoW and linking them to our newly Mapped Keys.
      • Once logged into WoW and your team is invited so they are showing up in HealBot, open up your ISBoxer Control Panel via your keybind (mine is Ctrl + Shift + Alt + G)
      • In the "Control Panel" click on "repeater regions".
      • As I mentioned above, my goal is to make all 4 of my Shaman cast heals, so in the "Target" dropdown box I select "all other".

      • Leave the rest of the stuff alone and click "Add".
      • This will create a movable reddish box with a blue title bar that you can movie around.
      • Position and size this box (which will correspond to our "no modifier" clicks in HealBot) over the left 1/3rd of your HealBot UI.
      • Back in the "Control Panel" select "all other" once again from the "Target" drop down box.
      • Select "General" from the 1st dropdown box under "Mapped Key on enter/exit".
      • Select "Shift" from the 2nd dropdown box under "Mapped Key on enter/exit".

      • Leave the rest of the stuff alone and click "Add".
      • Position and size this box over the middle 1/3rd of your HealBot UI. Clicks in this box will be sent to all slave windows with the automatic modifier of "Shift".

      • Repeater the previous steps for "Shift" with the "Ctrl" Mapped Key and position and size this box over the right 1/3rd of your HealBot UI.

      • Hit your "Control Panel" keybind again to hide it.
      • Your should now be good to go!

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    I'm a bit biased, but I love this method compared to other software I've used in the past. I use this with my mixed team (paladin, priest, mage, shaman, warlock). Here's how I have each configured.

            | Region1 (nomod)   | Region2 (Shift)   | Region3 (Ctrl)
    Left    | Flash Heal        | Renew             | Greater Heal
    Middle  | Prayer of Mending | Binding Heal      | Power Word: Shield
    Right   | Circle of Healing | Prayer of Healing | Abolish Disease
            |                   |                   | Remove Curse
            |                   |                   | Cure Toxins
    Button4 | Guardian Spirit   |                   | Dispel Magic
    Button5 | Water Walking     | Fear Ward         | Detect Invisibility
            | Unending Breath   |                   |

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    That is a very nice addition to our little community. At first I wasn't sure how what you were going to do with the three regions (set up three different team windows? Ugh), but the philosophy of having each cover only 1/3 of your team window looks very cool, even if you don't take the extra steps of messing in ISBoxer files to make them visible.

    Having only used ISBoxer and repeater regions for a few weeks, I'm still just loving the basic functionality, and I can't imagine having fifteen different types of heal-related spells (five mouse buttons times 3 regions) for each toon. However, maybe I'll baby my way into it by only using two windows, not three. I love that this is very flexible for whatever you want to do with it.

    The one issue I see is that since I 10-box, I will have to cover 10 toons (not just five) with these windows. This means doubling the number of repeater regions if I keep my side-by-sdie team setup (in your example, 3 repeater regions for toons 1-5 and three more for toons 6-10):
    1 6
    2 7
    3 8
    4 9
    5 10

    Or I could use extra long repeater regions and set up my teams in one vertical column:
    The vertical column thing would require lots of mouse movement distance if toon 1 got damaged, then toon 10, so I think the multiple repeater regions per team setup above might be better.

    At any rate, these are all just details of how to best implement a great idea you have put forward - thanks a lot for posting about it!
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    No Prob Mercurio! I am glad a harcore boxer such as yourself thinks it it is such a good idea. =)

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    Very creative use of regions. I never thought of that. Looks like it takes up a lot of space, however. Is there any way to permanently disable blizzard's default party interface even when not in a raid?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Akoko View Post
    Very creative use of regions. I never thought of that. Looks like it takes up a lot of space, however. Is there any way to permanently disable blizzard's default party interface even when not in a raid?
    Ya I believe some addons can do that.

    And it can take up as much space or as little as you want, just size HealBot accordingly. Mine in practice isn't this big... I just did it for the purpose of good screenshots. =)

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    You could try this to hide your party frames (not sure how that will react with other addons creating/hiding unitframes).
    /script HidePartyFrame();
    Ultimately, if you have another addon that adds click behaviors to unit frames (ie. Clique, Vuhdo), you could apply this same technique. Healbot just happens to have it's own unique frameset.

    If the unit frames are in a uniform vertical/horizontal, it's pretty straightforward (your repeater regions will overlay all of the unit frames). If you have a grid layout, you'll have to create repeater regions for each row/column. Here's an example of a 2x5 grid with repeater overlays to illustrate what I'm talking about.

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    I've seen people cover a portion of the frame, with a repeater region.
    So if you click the left half, it is the current toon (pally for example) who will cleanse the target.
    But the right half of the frame is broadcast, via repeater, for heals or whatever.

    Have also seen the combination of Grid + Vuhdo frames on a single UI.
    With a repeater region over both, one for heals and another for dispels.

    Definitely a neat idea.
    And will have some potential, for sure.
    Plus its easier to left click, then to click + mod key.
    The trade off is extra screen real estate taken up.
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    Thank you so much for posting this. I've just set this up following your instructions (been meaning to do it for a while), and its awesome (Healbot is a great addon). I love the border on the repeater regions. Wicked!

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