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    Default [Addon] Jamba - An assistant for multiboxers. Old Thread

    Jamba is an addon for World of Warcraft that is designed to assist multiboxers.

    Version 0.7f now available for download. This is beta software and may have problems. Please report any you find in this thread and I'll fix them as soon as possible.

    Download and more information:

    Find out what features are coming in future releases.

    Changes in 0.7f


    * New currency list display. Type "/jamba-toon currency" to see it. It shows gold on each toon and total gold, as well as justice, honor points, etc for each toon.
    * Auto deny guild invite is now off by default.


    * New option to automatically sell unusable soulbound items (off by default).

    Changes in 0.7e


    * Mirroring now works for the new complete quest button in the quest log and also for the "in the field" complete quest button found in the Objective Tracker as well.
    * Now mirrors accept quest for quests that have been auto accepted by the game (commonly found in newbie areas < level 6).

    Quest Watcher

    * Will now display new "in the field" complete quest and quest offer buttons (these are similar to the buttons found in the objectives tracker).
    * Objective headers now collapse when a new quest is tracked (there is currently no option to change this).


    * Now able to forward via both real whispers and fake whispers.
    * Fake whispers have option to add sender/forwarded to the reply queue on the master. Yay!
    * New option to choose which chat window the fake whispers are sent to.
    * Fixed a lua error with RealID messages.


    * Made /jamba-follow snw smarter. Now it will suppress any follow warning that happens immediately after it. Precede the /jamba-follow snw command before any /follow command to get warningless refollows.

    ISBoxer users - I recommend you change the "FTL follow me" macro to:

    /jamba-follow snw
    /follow {FTL}


    * New slash command /jamba-team removeall which will removeall all team members except for the current toon.


    * Fixed an error where the unable to fly message was causing a lua error.


    * Fixed a small error when 0 money was being withdrawn from the guild bank.


    * Can now build macros when not in a party or raid (playing solo).

    Changes in 0.7d


    * New option "Only warn if outside follow range". This is off by default. If it is on and you are in follow range and follow breaks you will not get a warning, so be careful!


    * Fixed bug where toons were not purchasing the correct amount of items.


    * Fixed bug where you were unable to choose a sound for a proc. You can now choose sounds for procs!

    Display Team

    * Power bars now update properly.

    Changes in 0.7c


    * (4.0.1) Follow broken warnings are really broken due to an API change in the patch. Not much I can do about it. Best effort is the slash command below.
    * (4.0.1) Added a new slash command /jamba-follow snw which attempts to suppress the next follow broken warning. If you don't want follow broken warnings every time you /follow you need to add this before any /follow commands you issue.


    * (4.0.1) The Jamba-Quest bar displays properly.
    * Added "Track All" and "Track None" buttons to the Jamba-Quest bar.


    * (4.0.1) No longer locks up the keyboard.
    * The variable list now shows which tag each variable is associated with.

    Changes in 0.7b

    Core: Communications

    * Hopefully fixed bug where teams in battlegrounds were not communicating correctly. Please tell me if you are still having problems after this fix...

    Quest: Watcher

    * New option to send quest progress messages to a message area (party, default chat, etc).
    * New option to show/hide quest watcher window with two new slash commands, /jamba-quest-watcher show and /jamba-quest-watcher hide

    Core: Message Area

    * Messages areas of party / raid / guild / officer were printing erroneous errors. Why has no one complained about this before? No one uses it!?

    Changes in 0.7a


    * Added new category to trade class drop-down called "!Quality" - allowing to select all grays (trash) to load.
    * Added a option on the trade window called "Ignore Soulbound", if set will ignore soulbound items when loading.
    * Fixed bug where gold amount to be left on toon after visiting guild bank was not pushed with the settings.

    Changes in 0.7


    * Now forwards and relays Battle.Net RealID Friends whispers.

    Core: Communications

    * No more changing team online channels for Jamba! Option added to Core: Communications that when checked will make Jamba assume all toons are always online (on by default).
    * Performance improvements for Jamba addon channel commands and messages. Make sure your toons are all in a party / raid and pushing settings, etc, will be much faster.
    * Added an option to tweak ChatThrottleLib settings to allow for faster addon traffic. Option is in Core: Communications and is called "Boost Jamba to Jamba Communications". The main change is to reduce FPS to 10 before the CTL cuts the traffic in half. This is on be default and may cause disconnections. If it does, please let me know.

    Quest: Watcher

    * Massive performance improvement when completing quests. Should no longer get any lag.
    * Quest heading now shows (X/Y) where X is the number of toons that have the quest (watching it) and Y is the total number of toons in your team.
    * Can now click through to the background when over the quest watcher area.
    * Quest Watcher now needs to be unlocked (an option) before it can be moved with alt + left drag.
    * Added option to hide Blizzard's Quest Watch Frame when Jamba's is enabled.
    * Can now click on quest objectives to toggle the display of toons progress underneath.
    * Added option to show completed quests as 'DONE" rather than '10/10'.
    * Added option to _not_ hide completed objectives.
    * Quest Watcher heading now always visible (even if not watching any quests).
    * Added option to hide quests that are completed by all toons in the team.
    * Jamba Quest Watcher Is now in its own module so it can be disabled by those that do not use it.

    Trade (New Module)

    * See other toons bags when trading - able to click on items to load into trade window or choose a classification of item to load into trade window.
    * Two slash commands /jamba-trade loadname and loadtype - see help in addon for details.
    * Option to automatically deposit / withdraw money from guild bank. After visiting the guild bank a toon will be left with X amount of money. The option will deposit money if the toon has greater than X, otherwise it will withdraw money to top the toon up to X.

    Toon: Warnings (PVP)

    * AFK warning removed and replaced with InActive buff warning (you can actually turn this one off). Can some please test this works - I don't PVP.

    Core: Settings

    * Settings are no longer tied to the Blizzard Addon area and are now in their own window. The window can be shifted around, and is a lot larger than the previous area. Each Jamba module now has its own help section (which still needs to be populated with helpful information, but at least has the slash commands for each module listed).


    * New slash command: /jamba-follow train <tag> Type "/jamba-follow train all" to have your toons follow one after the other. The follow order is decided by the order your toons are in the Core: Team list.


    * /jamba-tag add and /jamba-tag remove slash commands have been changed. They are now:
    o /jamba-tag add <name|existing-tag> <tag>
    o /jamba-tag remove <name|existing-tag> <tag>

    * Class based tags are now automatically applied to a toon. These tags cannot be removed or the tag added to a toon that is not that class.


    * Window location for the proc header bar now gets pushed with the other settings.

    Changes in 0.6


    * New Quest Watcher frame, watch quests from slaves on master.


    * New AFK warning.


    * Can now change background and border colours on team display.


    * Can now change background and border colours on the item bar display.

    Jamba is divided into modules. The core Jamba options involve configuring the multi-boxer's group of characters and setting one of the characters to be the master character. Each module has a button at the top of its option page that you can use to push the settings displayed on that page to each character in your group that is online and enabled. Use this feature to avoid configuring the same options more than once.

    I wrote this as an exercise for myself after I discovered multi-boxing and its been a blast learning lua and the wow api. Currently its pretty similar to other multiboxing addons for Wow, and I have essentially added another choice to the mix. Lots of inspiration from twoboxtoolkit, multiboxer, and automation. I have plenty more plans and ideas for Jamba, like timers (for mage POM, shaman totems), trade window loaders and roleplaying elements.

    If you decide to give it a go, I'd love your feedback.

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    Jamba - Jafula's Awesome Multi Boxer Assistant. An addon for YOU.

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    Hey this is really neat. I am glad people are writing and sharing addons. Keep it up - I am sure many people will appreciate this addon.
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    So really soon for a feature request but here goes.

    How bout a system for displaying proc on alts. As in, when one of your slaves procs nightfall, it gives your brain the warning. Doable under current scripting restrictions?

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    Sweet. Sounds great. I think I'll give this a shot tonight or tomorrow.
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    Playing around with it... quite amazing so far!

    Very simple to set up, seems well polished also.

    One note: the "push to other characters" , does it only take effect when you relog? ( because when I Push my settings, it doesn't show any difference on the alts screens )

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    Very nice.
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    I'll have a go as well, i like the name ;-)

    just curious, do you intend to keep playing/updating this addon for a while (i.e. Wotlk+) ?

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    Had a quick browse through the doc, didn't see this anywhere.
    Is it possible to set the master/main as 'focus' ? and broadcast choices (flights/rewards) from / whispers to the focus?

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    ohhh. this looks cool! been reading these forums for a week now and soaking up as much info as I can. I like the idea of an addon for multiboxing! :thumbup:

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