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    Question Question about a bg fix.

    Does this suggestion still work?

    And has anyone confirmed / is its till ban-able to use the soul trader?

    Im sorry if their dumb questions I jsut started multiboxing and just learned that follow does not work in bg and google let me to those answers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Icecafe View Post
    Does this suggestion still work?

    And has anyone confirmed / is its till ban-able to use the soul trader?
    The method no longer works.
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    Is their any way to follow in bgs currently?
    Or a macro / trick to line up your camera & position perfectly to use wsad?

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    Brew Pup worked at one point. I forget who used to play 5 rogues in bgs just using wsad and IWT, it worked quite well on the streams i watched.

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    Only way is mounts. And itw melee cless.
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    As Mirai and Ebony stated, the battle pet workarounds have been "removed". Both pets are now uninteractable in PVP instances or can not be called out in one. Multi-seat mounts still work, but those are naturally limited to outside areas, and are of course do nothing while you are not mounted (i.e. in combat). As far as I am concerned, there is no viable and comfortable way of playing battleground anymore. I spent a few hours going through all the new legion pets, mounts and items trying to find something that could be used for a MK III version, but no such luck...

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    Thanks for the information!
    I'll just go and re-roll to an all DK team then perhaps.

    I know they removed /follow due to they wanted to prevent "afk / botters" but did that actually help? (Just curious)

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    No, it didn't help at all because the bots are much more complex than requiring /follow

    I have 4x DK and a HPally and whilst I have done a few BG's with the IWT method it is very difficult and can leave you stranded in some parts of the map. It is possible though, but I unfortunately agree with Wubs, it's just not comfortable and whilst once you get into a fight you can do well, I realise how much I use /follow to stop a toon falling, regroup, bring them back from "running through" due to IWT spam etc.

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