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    Question WoW Multiboxing - Problem with gathering ?


    I'm new on the multiboxing's world, and i use AutoHotkey with the addon Jamba.

    With all the tuto on the forum, i succeeded to configure the main functions. But I have a problem that i can't fix.

    My 4 characters are herbalism/mining, and I dont find the solution to gathering with all the character at the same time. I try a lot of solutions, but none works.

    Could someone help me ?

    Thanks a lot and have fun

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    Because the nodes are not targetable (well selectable via Assist/IWT), then the usual solutions are,

    1. Switch between each game window to gather.
    2. Get your toons in about the same spot, looking the same way, use camera macros (Setview) to ensure all your toons have the same viewport, and then broadcast mouse movement/clicks to all windows (this one will help if you can verify the mouse position on all windows at the same time).

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    Thanks for you response. I prefer used your second solution.

    So :
    -I have create a macro ( /script SetView(4);SetView(4) ) on all my charachers and used it with a keybind. It works correclty, all my toons looking the same way.

    -But, the problem is I dont know how I can broadcast the mouse movements and clicks on all my wow windows. Could you explain me how i can do this with AutoHotkey ?

    Thanks a lot

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    You can use Interact with Mouse over to hit the nodes.
    if using isboxer, you can sync cursor and push IWM like you would normally do IWT.
    Or use broadcast.

    Edit: Just noticed your Autohotkey comment - I'm not familiar enough with that to help >.<

    You'll then run in to the problem of "Item is Busy"
    If using Jamba, you can activate the 3 check boxes under Team > Advanced loot
    With out it, you'll need to go to each window to collect the loot.
    or use a LootSlot(#) macro with out the CloseLoot() part.

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    Thanks Jabberwock for your response.

    I dont have Isboxer, just Autohotkey (mayby leater i buy it).

    I configure a keybind (F3) for Interact with mouse and in my AutoHotkey script i have :

    KeyWait, F3, D
    ControlSend,, {F3}, ahk_id %wowid1%
    ControlSend,, {F3}, ahk_id %wowid2%
    ControlSend,, {F3}, ahk_id %wowid3%
    ControlSend,, {F3}, ahk_id %wowid4%

    When I'm in front of an herb, i use my setview macro, all my toons looking the same way. I put my cursor on the herb, and i press F3 (for IWM). Normally, AutoHotckey broadcast this action to all my windows.

    But, my main gathering and the other characters do nothing.

    I dont understand why it dont work.

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    wouldn't you have to send the location of the cursor with AHK to the other 3 windows?

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    Maybe, but i dont know how i can send the location of my cursor to the other windows with AHK. I beging in the multiboxing.

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    MouseGetPos seems to be the start of it.

    This might help in some way.

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    Thanks for your help.

    I definitely dont find how to make this with AHK.

    So I try with Hotkeynet, maybe its simpler.

    Did you have an idea, how i can broadcast the position and the click of the mouse on all my windows ?


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