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    Default Token to Battle.Net Balance Now Live

    You can now convert your WoW Tokens into $15 of Battle.Net Balance in the US

    so anyone used it yet? it seems u get a cap of 198 u can have anyone time as

    its about 1m gold on eu to server move a team off five!

    anyone know whats happing about the cap still?
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    When asked about the cap, the referred to the token FAQ which has the original numbers.

    Token prices still climbing :/
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    Theres now a token shortage. People having to sit at the screen constantly clicking buy now.

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    So on the cap you're talking about the 36 in 24 months, right? If so, that's mighty short sighted. 36 tokens turns into $540, but then you have to buy your subs, which you can do at $12.99 instead of the $20 they get when you buy a token with gold from someone who bought it with $20 cash. Granted, $540 is a lot of spending in the bnet store, but it's also over 2 years. I can easily spend $250 moving two teams and no support characters. With a couple of support chars, I would use that up with two moves. I don't know, I just don't see what the benefit of the cap is.

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    Default Tokens to Balance is now live

    Oh there was already a thread here.

    ..and the token prices keep skyrocketing. EU token 170k at the moment according to WoW Token Info >_<
    People have bought tokens like crazy, and the supply dried out on AH..

    Something positive though, the token price course on Chinese, Taiwanese and Korean realms is going down already. Who knows where the price is going to be when it's all settled down.
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    CONFIRMED with Blizz that the limit is now just 10 tokens per week per bnet.

    Edit: She said the announcement should be coming soon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mosg2 View Post
    CONFIRMED with Blizz that the limit is now just 10 tokens per week per bnet.

    Edit: She said the announcement should be coming soon.
    Fantastic. Glad I procrastinated and am now able to keep my accounts on a single BNet, and still pay for them with tokens in the future.
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    Price in EU was 196k when I logged on earlier! Is back to 172k now.

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    People using all their stockpiled WoD Garrison gold to buy character transfers, level boosts, mounts, and pets. I feel the price will drop back down to normal but it could take months.

    Glad I stuck with all on the same bnet account since the limit is gone.

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    As a gold sink, it's working beautifully.
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