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    Quote Originally Posted by None of the above View Post
    I can't find this link, sorry. Can you point me to this link please?
    *whew* I thought I was going crazy... I couldn't find it either

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    Quote Originally Posted by chazz View Post
    Are you talking about the Loadkey? If so; make sure that you aren't trying to paste it as a Key Map. Instead, go into any Key Map of your choice and right-click on 'Mapped Keys' and choose 'Paste Mapped Key from Clipboard'. I recommend the "Always On" keymap if you have it (from using the Quick Setup Wizard).

    ah, ok, its different than the other two

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    Sorry about missing video. That update was for "version 1" of the Set Target System, so I removed it when I updated it to "version 2" since it's different in how it's used. Version 2 is for dual- and triple-boxers and as a result uses two to three keys in total, whereas "version 1" only used one key. Original version also didn't support instant Lead switching, which the new version does.
    Unfortunately I haven't made a video for Version 2 as of yet.

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    Chazz, I could use some assistance if you could please. I tried to follow your directions and did fine until I got to the part about setting up my DPS keys. So my 3 character window switching and follow seems to work fine. I am setting up a single keymap for my DPS map keys and at this point am looking for just a single mapped key which would allow me to hit a single key and get an attack sequence to occur (I know how to stack them based upon longest GCD). The problem is I can't figure out how to make the assist work. You mentioned in your instructions "Use the Assist keys by placing them all into your DPS Rotation keys." I guess that is the part that lost me. I have tried multiple things and can't seem to make it work. Am I supposed to assign a keystroke to the Assist Slot 1-3 mapped keys (same or different keystroke) and then call that/those keystroke(s) in the DPS mapped key? I am sure this is just something stupid I am doing or not seeing. I have never used the variable keystroke function before (although it looks really nice from what I can understand and seems to work great for character follow and window swapping). Any suggestions or maybe an example XML file would be great.

    Thanks for all of your work in writing up instructions and helping the SWTOR and ISBoxer community.

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    I'm not chazz, but maybe I can help.

    In my setup, I have an "Assist Me" keymap. Then I make a keymap for DPS, the first thing I do is call that Assist Me keymap (under actions, add one that is Key Map Action->Do New Mapped Key Action and select your "Assist Me" keymap

    So for instance, if you are working on "character1". You would end up with "do assist me in character1 keymap->self" as the action.

    Don't know if that helps or not...

    I am also having a problem with my DPS key, but it's a different problem. I stacked 5 attacks with the longest GCD first, and shortest GCD last. When I call the key ingame, it keeps casting the same one over and over (the shortest one) even though the cooldown is not up on the others. I put each attack as a separate action in one step. Should I have made each one a different step instead?

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    Right-click on Actions and choose Key Map Actions, New Do Mapped Key Action and choose the Assist keys. Here's an example from a Key Map I just set up for a new Commando team (for this team I use one Key Map for all of them, but wether you do that or not doesn't matter).

    You also want to go into each Assist key and in the second step change the keystroke being sent to the keybind you use ingame for "Acquire Target's Target", if you haven't already.
    Hope that helps!

    Sounds odd. With my Commando team that I just quickly set up I did the same thing, by placing Sticky Grenade for example as the first action (after the assist keys) and then Hammer Shot beneath, and Sticky Grenade is always the first ability to go off.

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    In the instructions I can only see instructions for Slots 1, 2 and 3. What happens if you join a Warzone and one of your characters gets put in slot 4?

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    The Slots referred to are the slots in your Character Set in ISBoxer, not the Party Member Slots in the actual game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chazz View Post
    The Slots referred to are the slots in your Character Set in ISBoxer, not the Party Member Slots in the actual game.
    I just realized what I was asking. 4th slot would always be "target self"! :P

    Has anyone tested this system with 3 toons in Warzones yet? And what are the chances of having an ISBoxer "Wizard" set up for novices like myself. I've tried a couple of times to set this up, but I can't get it to work.

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    Default Possibly Missing Some Steps? (No Complaints Here)

    Is it posible that some instructions are missing? I am not very strong in my ISBoxer skills, but I love the software. I love SWTOR too! However, since I am pretty much a noob in this, I could use more of a step-by-step instruction set.

    Here are a few questions:
    1. Do we need to drag the character set into the new key maps?
    This might seem obvious to you, but it is not as obvious to me. I only know about dragging it down into that area from other instructions. I am not complaining - your instructions are by far the best I have seen so far.

    2. Is it okay (it seems to be - just verifying) that I changed the inner workings of the "Assist & Follow Keys" such that;
    a. "ctrl+a" is the hotkey for all three for assist and "f" is what I use to target my target's target ("ctrl+a" is what i prefer if manually calling for an assist and "f" is what I reconfigured SWTOR for target-target's-target.
    b. "ctrl+f" is the hotkey for all three for follow and "alt+f" is what I use to follow ("ctrl+f" is what i prefer to use to get everyone to follow the main character and "alt+f" is what I reconfigured SWTOR for following.
    c. I reconfigured "Set Target" with END, Pg-up & Pg-dn (ctrl is my modifier) <-just verifying that it should still work properly?

    3. MOST IMPORTANT: Are we supposed to configure "Target Slot 1", "Target Slot 2" & "Target Slot 3"?
    As I already mentioned, I am a noob, so please advise me without assuming I know how to do anything on my own.

    4. Last question: What is the best method for mapping my other keys?
    I prefer to use the "Many New Mapped Keys" feature for 1-0, -, = and all the Number pad keys.
    a. "Target for Keystrokes" should be "All w/ Current" or "Window: Current"? I assume all with current
    b. Can I still use "Do This First" to have all my characters "assist" for all my shared keys?
    1.) Target = "Window: Current"?
    2.) Key Map = "Assist & Follow Keys"?
    3.) Then ??? "Assist Slot 1"? (there are six options; Assist Slot 1-3 and Follow 1-3)
    Note: Normally I would want to have my own assist command "F2 then F", but that seems counter to what you have established in the variable method(s).

    Final Note: I asked about everything except the "Load Key," but I understood it well enough and had no trouble configuring that.

    Please accept my humble thanks. I assume that there is a great deal of time and effort in making guides, videos and then even more time and energy in responding to questions. I did my best to follow the instructions. Would you please assist me a little further?


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