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    Default Alt F and Jamba not sending follow to one character

    I'm running 4 Sham and a DK, 3 of the shamans follow when I hit alt F but one doesn't. When I look at jamba it keeps making tht shaman master and says the DK is offline. I deleted jamba and the isboxer follow isn't working. When I switch to that shaman and hit alt f, they all follow him. So frustrating, any suggestions?

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    For the Jamba part (I don't use ISBoxer):

    Check that the communication channels are the same for all toons. /jamba -> Core: Communications tab. Esp. check the toon with the problem.

    If the channel name and password is the same, then try clearing out the chat channel files for the offending toon.

    See this thread for more info:
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    Verify that the addon, IS Boxer is active for the toon who is not following.

    For the IS Boxer, go into the FTL modifiers for the Slot that the toon is in.
    Check the mapped key for FTL Follow (the trigger is Alt F).
    But see what the key action is, I believe it will be F11 or F12.
    Basically means it sends say F11 to warcraft, but attaches the specific modifier keys to that F11, so the other clients know who initiated the follow command.
    If the FTL Modifier is say Shift + Alt for that toon, and you have Alt F11 bound to something else in wow, then FTL Follow won't work as expected for that toon.

    Not saying either of these is your specific problem, but I'd look there initially.

    You can also copy your profile to clip board, from the file menu.
    Then go to and paste it there.
    Submit, probably for 30 days.
    Then copy the URL link to the pastebin of your profile.
    And post the URL in the thread, so people can actually load your profile and check it themselves.
    By default, copying the profile will hide your account name, which you want to ensure is hidden.

    Also, Lax is the best at troubleshooting IS Boxer.
    And he checks the forums much more frequently then these ones.
    And you can go into the IRC linked from, for the fastest response time.
    Just be aware that not everyone will be watching 100% of the time, so it might be 10 mins for a response... which likely beats hours until a response on a forum.
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    The most common problem is the ISBoxer Addon not being enabled in the game, for one or more characters. If that's not it, this guide will help you run through the other possible causes:
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    Video: ISBoxer Quick Start

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    It wasnt Jamba, thankfully. I accidentally had bound shift f11 to something else, so what I did was bound shift f11 then unbound it, works like a charm. Loved that IS has IRC, Thanks Lax!

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