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    Quote Originally Posted by Taborious View Post
    I didnt finish my thought before I submit my last post; though, knowing that I can target them helps.

    Basically, what Im trying to accomplish is using healbot/vuhdu/cliq for healing my 3box ele shaman team. I know how to create the macro, assign the macro to a mouse click in healbot. What I dont know how to do is trigger the same macro across my toons.

    all my toons will run healbot, they will have the same macros and those macros assigned to the same modifiers(left click, right click, etc...). So I'm driving with ToonA and left mouse click ToonB on healbot which fires small heal marco. How do I get my other 2 toons to fire that same marco on click?
    You need to use a mouse broadcaster. ISBoxer / HotKeyNet will do this.

    Here is my HealBot setup with ISBoxer which might help / inspire you.
    Jamba - Jafula's Awesome Multi Boxer Assistant. An addon for YOU.

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    TY!!! I run KeyClone, but with this direction I might get something to work for me.

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    Wow this add on sounds cool,

    gonna try it out, as i started boxing before there wasn't such a thing, nice work

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    I just tried jamba tons of good stuff, but the quest watcher is BRUTAL. I was watching it spam the crap out of my bandwidth, I'm pretty sure I got booted from the server for the amount of spams going off.

    Regardless with blizz's new quest thing, nothing to really worry about. 1 button macro stuffed with scripts works.

    Also, instead of Alt as your move object stuff, perhaps have another option - check box like most moveable objects? I have a few alt spells that are causing me to move my shit all over the place.

    Another thing about party frames I didn't like. was that the Name and health bar are two different displays. It looks kinda strange as a raid frame. I get it mixed up easily. Grid or box style option would look very clean I think. I'd love to use that as my mouseover healing layout.

    I still haven't figured out what this 5 button action bar is that was placed in the middle. Would be cool if it was a mini action bar for me to use, maybe it is! - but no spells stick to it! If it's something for the macro section. I'm lost Bc I can't figure out that section and I'm to lazy to bother figuring it out haha....
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    This is a post about how to set up Jamba, I don't have anything to do with implementing suggestions. Suggestions should go to Jafula's thread.

    The 5-button bar is the Item Bar.
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    I seem to be unable to push settings from master to slaves. It simply returns nothing. "Push Settings For All Modules" prints a whole lot of text on master's chat, but nothing on slaves nor is nothing changed. Also, I've triple checked and still when in party my slaves tend to have 100% XP 24/7 in team box which is clearly false info, seeing everyone in team still ding at the exact same time and master having correct XP information.

    Help would be appreciated, cheers.
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    Verify that your toons are listed correctly in the team list.
    Same spelling and such if you use ascii characters for vowels etc.

    Also check that they're in the same Jamba channel, as that is needed for communication.
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    I've double checked once again in case of typos on the names, there are no mistakes, copy pasted and whatnot still a no go.
    Changed channel, relogged, formed a party but bug still persists. Main sitting at 30% and slaves at 100% no matter what. Hm.

    Now it turns out Jamba barely works, it won't mirror any of my choices in quests on slaves, I have to do it all manually.
    This is rather annoying, I hope it's because of bugged team.

    Happy ending:
    One way or another finally managed to push settings on all toons, now everything works as intented once more.
    I suspect something silly on "Push Settings"-buttons, after minor changes and relogs it still refused to work, however all of sudden it begun to push settings as intended.
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    Make sure you do not have the addon called something like YouArentInAPartyFix.
    Jamba - Jafula's Awesome Multi Boxer Assistant. An addon for YOU.

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    I don't use such minor addons nor have I ever head about that.
    Thanks anyway, though.

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