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Thread: Script repopme?

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    Default Script repopme?

    What does that command do? I'm using the multiboxer addon so some of the "big button" macro is unnecessary for me.

    (like acceptquest).

    So what is repopme?

    /script AcceptGroup();
    /script AcceptQuest();
    /script AcceptTrade();
    /script RetrieveCorpse();
    /script RepopMe();
    /script ConfirmAcceptQuest();
    /script StaticPopup_Hide("PARTY_INVITE");
    /script StaticPopup_Hide("QUEST_ACCEPT");" is the "big button" macro I mean. I might add a stopcasting to it as well.

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    It confirms the dialog that pops up to release your corpse.
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    RepopMe() - The "Release Spirit" button. Sends you to the graveyard when dead.

    ps. this info is from wowwiki

    edit: god damn i am too slow

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