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    Some more tips for those trying this.

    Regarding button usage, This wiki link lists all the available keys in WoW. Keep in mind that once you use a key for a hidden macro, you're using all of its modifiers too.
    It shows that you can't use shift+numpad buttons, which I haven't tested myself, but if thats true leaves a set number of buttons that could conceivable run out.

    I did, however, come across this today while searching. If you want to use the P button as a hidden macro, but still have P open up the spellbook, try putting this at the end of the macro.

    /stopmacro [mod]
    /click SpellbookMicroButton

    This should make it so if you just press P, it will still open up the spellbook. Unfortunatly you can't just leave P binded in the key bindings menu, otherwise it won't call the macro when needed. You can use this for a lot of the other menus ingame, thereby freeing lots of buttons for macros.

    Also, I set up a google spreadsheet to help keep a list of Ability --> Keybind --> Hidden macro, and which characters have which modifier combinations. Helped me a ton while troubleshooting.

    My WoW computer still isn't working, so I'm unable to test this, please tell me if it doesn't work for some reason.

    Oh, and.... Bump!

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    There are some nice advantages to being able to use /focus to control all your targetting, to be honest. I use it all the time when I'm raiding if I want to be a little bit lazy (or just make sure I don't break CC). I love to focus another player (mage/rogue) and just let that person designate my targets. I also run my 4 shammies by themselves, with my prot pally, with my boomkin, or sometimes with a friend who is tanking (think heroics) -- hard-coding in every possible scenario gets tricky.

    I am impressed with this technique, but I think there is some merit to using /focus if you can get away with it (like a lot of class combos can, to be honest).
    Cranky old-timer.

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    EDIT: I figured out what was wrong. I thought that pushing 2 on my main would pass ctrl-shift-3 to the clone, and then a keybind at ctrl-shift-3 with ctrl/shift modifiers would activate. Instead,the keybind should be at "3". Suddenly this talk about "hidden modifiers" makes sense.

    I've been trying to get this setup to work but I'm running into a problem. CTRL+SHIFT+# does not activate the CTRL and SHIFT modifiers.
    For example, suppose I keybind:
    /cast [mod:alt] lightning bolt
    to alt-2. Pushing alt-2 on the keyboard will not cast lightning bolt, but pushing alt and clicking on 2 does cast lightning bolt.
    I was wondering if there is a way around this. I'd rather not waste my focus

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    Quote Originally Posted by 'Pocalypse',index.php?page=Thread&postID=103921#po st103921
    Bounded to #, ingame on each toon, you need the following macro:

    /target [mod:ctrl,mod:shift,nomod:alt,target=ToonA]
    /cast [target=targettarget,harm] Lightning Bolt
    I just spend some time this weekend trying this technique. Although 'focus' works just fine for me at the moment, I can see that having it free for use for cc etc could be invaluable in the future, so I thought I'd give this a shot.

    I'm not sure I entirely understood, but I think what's basically happening is that when you press a specific key, keyclone also sends a set string (which changes depending on which client presses the key). This string then in turn triggers a macro which determines what the target should be based on which string it gets sent (from Keyclone).

    The whole thing makes my head hurt a bit but it works pretty well. One problem I did run into though was that the macro listed wouldn't work for me. I have only every used simple macros in WoW in the past, so I may be doing something completely wrong; however, I got the (conditional) macro printed above (which is somewhat essential to the whole method) working by adding /target before the [mod: lines. So...

    /target [mod:ctrl,mod:shift,nomod:alt,target=ToonA]
    /target [mod:ctrl,mod:alt,nomod:shift,target=ToonB]
    /target [mod:alt,mod:shift,nomod:ctrl,target=ToonC]
    /target [mod:ctrl,mod:alt,mod:shift,target=ToonD]
    /target [mod:ctrl,nomod:alt,nomod:shift,target=ToonE]
    /cast [target=targettarget,harm] Lightning Bolt

    Nice idea btw Deceased :thumbsup:

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    Im trying to figure out how to do the hotstrings in keyclone.

    I can put a ctrl+shift+1 in the key part but I can only type text in the hotstring part? So should the hotstring be the ` and the key be ctrl+shift+1? and do i just make the hotstring ` be the the different mods?

    I guess I'm just confused as to the difference between what the keymap and hotstring is and how to set them up.

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    I'm still trying to understand how to set this up. When you press a key Keyclone sends the key unchanged to the selected client. Then sends the other clients a modified version of the key unique per client. The modified key goes through the other clients macro and uses that information to select the assist target.

    Is this right or am is my logic wrong?

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    Is this setup only possible within Keyclone, and you would still need to set up macro's to cast on a focus target, it just free's up that option?
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    Ah this made my mind expand with the possibilities and options. I have a spin off system I can utilize from this that will equate to easy 5v5 wins can't wait to try it out tonight!
    Sargeras - Alliance

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    soz been away a little myself :S

    Ur right Ellay, It is mainly to free up options and make it easy simply to switch main without having to do anything but move your mouse to the screen you wish to use as your current main.
    It's all done based on keyclone I'm sure it's possible using AHK or HKN of whatever they are called just that it will take forever to set up .. seeing as the keyclone setup is already rather extensive.

    I'm working on uploading a complete set of keymap files and Trinity bar setting so that you guys can try it out But I'm just working on ironing out all the bugs and silly mistakes I've made

    Also I'm planning on making a lightly different setup for everyone (Ie will be more macros and not quite as neat as it was described earlier), with the ability to interchange one or multiple of your characters with other clones, without any loss in functionality.

    the only thing there is that getting all classes to work in unison is killing my brain :P

    The advantage for those of you using x-keys I guess will be that you only have to change a few of the keys they correspond to to get them to work

    EDIT: for those of you having some problems.. I forgot to mention something >.<

    there is a slight issue when using this system.. It's to do with modifiers being passed over the hotstring system ie..

    pressing 1 on your main --> ctrl+1 on clones..
    but then Shift+1 on main --> ctrl+shift+1 on clones
    instead of ctrl+O or something like that..

    basically binding a key and setup like this to a modified key can confuse the hotstring sent.. to bypass this problem Mr Keyclone pre-emptively came up with an amazing solution.

    once you've loaded up all the wow clients.. go to keyclone.. rightclick on each of the wows (it should show their keymaping) and select "pass Hotstring only".. this problem should go away
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    this is a great idea and i have a suggestion to add
    ditch the modifiers and change your key bindings to Unicode characters. this way you can still have alternate functionality when you press alt-2 or ctrl-2 without sending a strange sequence of ctrl,shift and alts to your followers. it tripples the number of buttons but reduces the macros in length and complexity.
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