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    I remember it being pretty painful until I hit Netherstorm, then it was really fun and quick. Pretty sure I entered Netherstorm at 67. Only did ramps 4 times, couldn't handle the other instances. Netherstorm totally rules though.
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    My shamans are just about to hit 67 - so far I've done about 1/3 instancing 2/3 questing. Did all the non collection quests in HFP, Zangar, Terrokar, and Nagrand, ran Ramps about 4 times and BF probably 10 (to first boss only), SP twice (once to 2nd boss once all the way through), mana tombs once so far. I'm about 5 bars from 67. I plan on finishing up 66 in UB (one run should do it), then moving on and running durnholde a few times until KoT honored before heading to BEM and then SMV to quest, that should get me to 69 or 70, at which point I'll do some SLabs or Sethekk to get honored with lower city and by then I'll be 70 and grab 5pc blue pvp, then finish questing in netherstorm for money while mixing in some BGs.

    Right now I'm averaging around 7.5 hours per level, with a decent amount of slacking off.
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    Honestly, I don't quest ever... Having to look at my machine to GRIND in general is not worth my time.

    I instanced every level from 1-64
    5x chars, 1x paladin, 1x druid, 3x shaman.
    All bosses in both wings of hellfire are easy to deal with if you know how.

    Every boss so far has his or her niche tricks.
    I find it effortless and easy to be able to login and just start instancing, almost effortless, good loot.
    Not so bad really..
    2x DK 60, 4x Shaman 60, 3x Mage 20, 1x Priest 20

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