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    Default any tips for shattered halls? (pally, priest, 3x mages)

    The first time I ran this I think I must have just got lucky on nethekurse. I got him down fairly easily, and he only cast deathcoil on a mage once. All the others times he cast it on the paladin. I just kept the casters and healer bunched up together and stepped a few paces each time to come out of the void zones, with a couple of priest AoE heals.

    Yesterday I went back, intending to farm the place for a few upgrades for my priest, and I never got past him. I think I had 6-7 wipes before I gave up. I even mind controlled the last acolyte before his room, but the pet bar showed no spells at all. (there is supposed to be a group shadow resist buff that stacks with prayer of shadow protection) This may have been a UI problem, but in any case I didnt have it the first time I downed him, and that seemed to go smoothly.

    I'll go and farm the recipe for shadow protection potions this evening, that will surely help a bit, but I doubt it will solve the deathcoil problem.

    There is no entry for shattered halls in the tactics page of the wiki, and I found nothing searching for shattered halls. I do remember a video showing suvega in shattered halls, perhaps I'll hunt that down later on. Anyone have any good tips?

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    I like to spread out, bind a single movement key to each of your chars (I use forward). So that way you can move just a single guy at the time. Nuke him down and move you tank away when he starts beaming out shadowbolts all over the place for the win. But I have 4x Shaman which make it ez with grounding totems as it eats the deathcoil. To be honest this guy is the hardest part of the instance on Normal, by far.

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    that guy is a pain in the ass. I died on him many times before figuring out how to do it. I spread my guys out in a line near the back of the room. I tank him in the middle and use the strafe left or right to get my guys out of the floor spawn. You have to watch close to see it and move your guys pretty fast. Space them out so when you strafe it doesnt move the other guy into the spawn. You should be able to strafe left and right avoiding all this spawns. The deathcoil may screw you up but thats how I do it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 'Fursphere',index.php?page=Thread&postID=79716#pos t79716
    Learn2strafe all alts with two buttons.
    Yeah, I worded that a bit badly. Its not the zones that are screwing me up, its the deathcoil. Seemed like every time he cast it on a mage they would instantly run directly through 2-3 void zones, and you know how that's going to end up. I guess its just one of those luck encounters, kind of like the maker on heroic which I downed last night. If he mind controls my paladin, its game over. If he only mind controls one of the clothies, he's easy-sauce.

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    When I tried this with my geared PVE group on Heroic mode I got owned. The one time I got him down to spinning he mainly deathcoiled my tank and left the alts alone. I have two locks in my group, so I tried running around the room mashing my /follow macro and doting him up, but it was slow and inevitably someone would die to getting deathcoiled through void zones. I threw in the towel.

    I tried him last night with my just-turned-70-sporting-greens PVP team (i.e. Shamans) and after 4 tries he went down. During my attempts I learned that one shaman using grounding totems to absorb the deathcoil is enough to remove it from the encounter. So if you have to PUG one team member get a shaman to eat the death coil.

    It took me 4 attemps because of the void zones. I just wasn't moving my guys fast enough, and since their dmg output is so low, the fight was taking forever allowing more and more time for mistakes. I had him down to 1% on one wipe. I just went to repair, waited for blood lust to come back up and blew all 3 blood lusts and drank potions to keep up the DPS. It wasn't pretty, but my dps is only packing 380 some spell dmg.
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    Well. I play on normal level so this may seem stupid to those heroic players. Anyways. warlocks are especially useful here. Mages or Shamans just cannot use my strategy.

    It's simple. Just keep up with your DoTs and walk backward with your tank (mine is a Paladin.) Your Tank keep doing aggro stuff until you are sure that there is not a single way your warlocks can OT your tank. Then you can run normally (while keeping your DoTs up.) Yes, this is slow. But it does solve the problem of avoiding void zones. Since I keep running at all times, it's nearly impossible for the void zone to hit me. Even if the zone hits me, it's just one tick and the healing stream totem placed on the floor recovers the damage. (Yes, my healer is a Shaman.)

    So I just kept running and DoTing and he will reach his frenzy state very quickly. After that happens, I face him directly and use... No! No Shadowbolts. His Shadowbolts will interrupt your spells. Instead I use the fast-casting Searing Pain. At the same time, my shaman spams rank 1 Chain Heal on the middle guy. And I just spam until the boss is dead.

    One more tip: As far as I observed, void zones are casted on your location only. So you should intentionally walk in a big circle / square so that there is sufficient time for the void zones to disappear before you walk onto the same spot.

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    My team are freshly 70. I just tried this. I wiped 3 times, but I started to get the hang of it. What I did was start out in the corner off to the left. I pulled with my tank and started nuking. When he dropped the zone on my shaman I just arrowed forward out of it and kept dpsing. I did this 4 times and the boss died, lol. It was wicked easy that 4th time. I kept groundings and 1 tremor up, btw.
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