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    Can anyone compare their experience with Synergy/Multibox versus Multiplicity.

    I've had some troubles keeping Synergy working - sometimes configuration changes don't "take", some issues with Vista.

    Am wondering if Multiplicity is a more solid program.

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    Actually I've had just the opposite - when I moved to Vista, Mutlibox was very unstable so I tried out Synergy and it hasn't missed a beat since.

    With the congifuration for Synergy, I found that if I had to make changes to it, it usually meant quitting and restarting the application. But I only had to do this initially while setting up my monitor array.

    The only other thing is that when you shut it down under Vista, you get a message saying "the application is stopped working" (no shit! ).


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    I use Synergy here at work to control a machine once a week or so (XP <-> XP)...

    I use Multiplicity to run my two machines at home on a daily basis (XP<->Vista Ultimate)

    No problems with either.
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    Multiplicity is a software KVM that lets you use 1 keyboard/mouse to span across multiple computers. You still need all the monitors and towers, just only 1 keyboard and mouse. You have to pay for it or get it via other means.

    Synergy is the same thing, except the version most people talk about here has key broadcasting in it. I had some issues with synergy (some people say they are fixed...havent tried it in awhile) like spinning that let me away from it and to Multiplicity. Freeware

    Multibox is a key/mouse broadcasting program. I personally cant see using this for controlling the individual computers, but i guess you could in a way. It's great for the broadcasting though. Freeware

    I personally use Multibox for key broadcasting and Multiplicity for controlling each computers as I need to.
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    Multiplicity does not multicast, so you only control one box at a time. It is what I use for quest accepts, looting, selling and sometimes pre-fight CC targeting.
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