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    Default Need help with background process game

    Hello there,

    I'm dual boxing some old wow game. When my slave is on follow he will rubberband and lag behind really quick.

    When I follow other users in the world there's no problem. My connection is good (23 ms ping). But it looks like the game that's not in the foreground will lag. When i play the games in windowed mode next to each other, the game not in focus will be in 2fps or something. I'm on Windows 11. Its there any way to fix this?

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    if your game has a max fps settings make sure to set it so your foreground doesn’t hog your gpu

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    If anyone has a similar problem: for me it turned out to be GameDVR settings from windows. If you Google it you can find the correct settings (you have to change some stuff in the registry.

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